A Winning Combination of Flowers and Music

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I try to make the flower show yearly in Philadelphia. I imagine everyone is craving the arrival of spring at the end of the winter season, just like me! The flower show seems to usher in the new season.

I know it inspires me; I actually went home and did a little gardening I bought a tropical root that we will see if I can make grow into a strong plant. More details with that as it grows up!

Anyway, I felt like dancing at the flower show and did manage to do a few spins as I perused the flowers at the convention hall. The theme of the flower show changes each year and this one was a tribute to New Orleans, Mardi Gras. All over the space you found musical notes, instruments, and festive music playing in the background. The sound of a jazz band echoed through the hall. What an uplifting experience!

There was something different I noticed this time. Each year I peruse the flower installations; but I can never remember feeling so elevated as this year. In my opinion I think the music enhanced the flowers. Maybe they felt like dancing too!

While looking at horticulturists’ hard work, vision and efforts of growing exotic special flowers and plants and others who arrange magnificent presentations of these creatures big and small I couldn’t help but notice the music set the mood of which to view the landscape.

One’s personal environment is a significant factor in creating a person’s mood or energy. I have found this out by personally integrating things like cut flowers, lots of plants and different types of music into my environment and noticing their effect on me.

Flowers and plants are key to creating a natural environment that feeds you oxygen and enriches your being! I grew up in a home that didn’t have real plants and we never kept cut flowers. It used to really bother me that we had great looking artificial plants. I would always ask why we couldn’t have real ones. I think the answer was they are too much work. I have grown into a pretty great gardener and plant grower mostly by trial and error. I thoroughly enjoy putting my hands in the dirt (with or without gloves) and putting in new or old roots to see blossom and bud into larger, more vibrant versions of themselves!

Secondly, music in the house, if chosen carefully, can bring positive vibrations to your home. The sound of music is a vibrational force that carries mood and energy. Depending on the time of day, mood and task at hand the sound of music can help carry you through your days and nights with extra enjoyment and fulfillment by creating another layer for your experiences.

My recommendation to ward off the last of the winter doldrums would be to: turn on some happy music and dance around in your mind, move that body, feel your spirit soar, buy some fresh flowers to smile and brighten your day!



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