About Totally Zen

It is a place to find Distinctive Tools for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

It has become my greatest passion and biggest joy to share yoga, healing, relaxation, and natural living as the secrets of a peaceful, balanced life, which every being should enjoy in this lifetime.

I believe every body in this life should be engaging in relaxation, detoxification, purification, and connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Being involved in regular or daily yoga practice will begin to afford a person these qualities. Adding any or some of these techniques and exercises will begin to build a base of wellness into your busy life.

With these tools I can help a person cultivate a life changing experience to anyone who gives me the opportunity to share these practices. Together we can join to develop a system that inspires each individual to higher levels of physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and health.

My life has been blessed and complicated by great intuition and insight. I offer you my interpretation of my life lessons and experiences to grow, learn, and change with and through them.

This is what I wish: for every being to find that special, sacred place within your soul or spirit that listens, cares, and nurtures their own self so that they have the patience, understanding, and compassion to do the same for others.

Totally Zen is an integrative site designed to be educational, informative, stimulating, and interactive.