At Peace in Juno’s World

juno-blog-pic.jpgInsert/edit image (Ctrl+m)I saw Juno last week. Wow! What a complete movie! How did they get so much Zen in an hour and a half? It was a seemingly effortless display of art, life, people, music, relationships and independence. In its own unique way telling a story that seemed like truth: not polished and spiffy; but, raw and honest.

On so many levels they got it “right”. Their characterization of each person was dead on. The writer really knew her characters. The sets made you feel you were either at your house or a neighbor or friend’s home. The music ,like the way they narrated the story, created another layer of combining what is modern with vintage. The way the story was told flowed so smoothly the movie never dragged and in fact quickly flew by. I found myself wanting to stay in Juno’s world!

The story revolves around a young girl who got pregnant the first time she ever became intimate with a guy. Bad luck? Well, she turned whatever her fate was into a blessing. A way of saying life’s tone is all in your perspective. She wanted to have an abortion; but on the way to the clinic ran into a classmate that was picketing in front for pro-life. Immediately, Juno decided to have the baby and then give it to a less fortunate couple.

I was struck by her unnerving strength and single-mindedness in what must be a very hard life decision. I kept thinking she is thirteen and she knows without question what she wants to do and never rethinks or questions her decision.

I thought back to a lot of times in my life where I did not trust my instinct or did not feel secure in my own mind what the correct path to take was at that time. In watching the film I recognized how I got this feeling of calm that is the result of being resolved in your own judgment.

How to trust your inner voice, your instinct is something you are either aware of or not. You either practice or not in life. I have found that as I analyze my life and some of the decisions that shaped my life’s path there were times when my spirit or soul was “talking” to me and I was not listening. My inner voice had a message and I ignored it or went directly against it brushing aside “that feeling”. Being unsettled internally and/or externally is usually the cause.

So, how does a girl who is thirteen know exactly what is best for her and thinks beyond just herself in making her decision. She appeared to have a strong foundation, a good spirit, and a rationale mind. These are all great qualities to have in a person and help you stay balanced in life.

Personally, I find that if you have veered off the path of conscious living or being “right” minde self   all you have to do is decide where you are going and keep walking down that path. Following the “right” way, with no questions or detours, will move you in the “right” direction as expeditiously as possible. This takes self-discipline and practice. It is something only you can implement and monitor for yourself. But, you will know the difference once you experience that feeling of being in harmony with the world within you and around you. It’s not a matter of haste but being at peace in your own mind, body and spirit.



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