Austin City Limits Festival Rocks

On my way to Austin to experience the Zen sensation as I listen to the likes of Joss Stone; Lucinda Williams; Regina Spektor; Augustana; The White Stripes; Blue October; Blonde Redhead; The Killers; Spoon; Pete Yorn..

Can’t wait to share my journey through sound w/you! Peace Out!


Well, it was a fabulous trip to Austin to visit old friends & be one w/so many different vibrations sounds. You know music is vibration. Vibration is energy. That is a very important fact to remember when choosing what music you might like to spend your time listening to in life. Good, positive music brings you the same kind of energy & follow that thought across the spectrum of music. I LOVE MUSIC & I LOVE ALL TYPES OF MUSIC! But, since I have studied energy I choose more carefully what music i surround myself with because, in fact, it does make a difference in your attitude which filters through to your life; not to forget the people or spirits you attract because of the music you listen to & the way you present yourself.

Anyway, in Austin, Texas people are mostly friendly, open; hospitable. I hadn’t been back to Austin much since graduating from college there. What a GREAT place! It is just big enough, just sophisticated enough, has the right blend of weather, rolling hills, cheap food, lotsa party spots & good folks! I have to remember to get back there more often!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Austin City Limits Music Festival brought to us by C3 was a seemingly effortless well run 3 day show that hosted about 120 bands & 75,000 concert goers a day. Impressive by anyone’s standards. The amount of music w/5 stages was actually overwheming! I saw so many bands: The Killers, Arcade Fire, Bjork, Blue October, Crowded House, The IndigoGirls, LCD Soundsytem, Cold War Kids, Gotan Project, Zap Mama, Blonde Redhead, Ben Kweller, Peter Bjorn & John, Louis XIV, Queen of the Stone Ages. There were so many other bands I wanted to see!

It was like being a kid in a candy shop w/only so much money. Money there was time.. How to schedule yourself to get more bands in.. The long walk across the massive Zilker Park Grounds to catch a few minutes of someone you really wanted to check out. Arriving not quite as early as I had wanted to & leaving as the last people left the park trying to fully absorb the experience.

It is said you can experience Zen when you are present in the moment & in equal balance within & around you. I got that feeling there many times as I let everythng else go but that connection to my environment. As I took in & expanded out my moments of bliss in Austin, with my friends, listening to great music, feeling connected to the people & all the energy that went into creating & being a part of those moments in time, I know I am truly blessed!

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