Awaken Your Brain, an amazing book on the process of Awakening

Awaken your Brain is a new book on the scientific experience of awakening by Dr. Skolnick. Dr. Skolnick is an MD psychiatrist, PhD in Natural Health, with advanced training in Neuropsychology and almost 30 years as a Zen meditation practitioner.

What is awakening has been the discussion of so many conversations; the number is almost as limitless as the concept. Basically, awakening is opening your consciousness to connect to your true and higher self. This realization is one of the goals for spiritual practices, yoga or other ways to find happiness and peace in your life.

Awakening is the impetus for Totally Zen; so, it seems appropriate that Dr. Skolnick would reach out to others in the world who are actively working on sharing information about how to be healthy in our mind, body and spirit. Out of his efforts to join together to build and create wellness communities; I am honored to help him by presenting it here at Totally Zen. Awaken Your Brain is a powerful, useful and informative book.

In Awaken Your Brain, Dr. Skolnick uses a brain and wellness-based explanation and practices, to create a direct non-emotional, scientific approach to awakening your higher self. The advantage to his method it is non-emotional and rational. Meaning you can empirically see how what he is saying and teaching is valid, concrete and useful. Taking the emotions out of the process is like shaving years off the process in order to cut through the ways in which your ego has learned to interact and act with life.

I got the opportunity to speak with Dr. Skolnick I asked him how he got involved in Zen meditation. It seems he had a tragedy affect his life and Zen meditation was a path someone led him to that helped him through his rough times. As time went on he continued his journey to understand his own meditation practice which coincided with his formal studies of the brain and human behavior. His interest in psychology began early on in his life through exposure to caring for others with problems.

Through his education in graduate school he posed the question in a thesis, What Creates Awareness? The answer became the basis for the book Awaken Your Brain. He has been developing and honing his model to help you through the awakening process in a scientific based theory of Neural Inshifting. This is actually a 5 step brain skill model. The result was the creation of a full-spectrum model of how the mind and brain work -from the most primitive and abnormal states to the highest most Awakened states.

Furthering his vision he realized he needed a model to speak and teach his theory from and this book is the perfect platform. Soon he will, turn his attention into opening a wellness center, Santori West, where his model will be implemented in a teaching format that will help people transform their lives. At the center you will be able to learn how to apply this theory, keep it alive and working better in your own lives and continue to grow and change as a result of this training. As the launch of his book arrives he must be so pleased as to the results of all his hard work; I know I am really enjoying the book!

We will be watching and reporting on his progress as we are connected now and we feel his vision is golden. Learn more about the useful handbook and amazing masterpiece now and how you can use Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-being and a New Reality will teach you:

  • The goal around which all other goals ought to be organized.
  • The cure for self-induced mental illness, i.e., true mental health!
  • How to find the highest level of wellbeing- a natural high!
  • How to find the higher You, released to be spontaneous and authentically real!
  • An immediate experience of profound meaning.
  • The vehicle for success with values and purpose!
  • The path to encompassing compassion, connection and belonging.
  • How to marvel at your existence – amazed and fascinated each moment by that very fact (taken utterly for granted)!
  • And more…

Awakening (aka enlightenment, heaven within, nirvana, cosmic consciousness) is not the stuff of myths or for religious zealots spending a lifetime in hard labor!!!! In Awaken Your Brain you will learn that it is the result of a well-trained higher brain and therefore a highly developed human being…which can be YOU!
You will learn how to Inshift– a 5-step skill that activates your higher brain (….and keeps your lower brain from being the cause of all – yes all – of your unhappiness, fear, frustration, suffering and disappointment, etc. – as well as most physical illnesses!!!!!)

You will learn dozens of wellness strategies (from within physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and traditionally spiritual realms) that are all aimed and aligned to activate your higher brain.

Warning: This is not “wellness and spirituality for dummies.” But it is the most important journey you can learn- a blueprint to the most fulfilling life you were born to have!

**Please consider adding Awaken Your Brain to your library The book will benefit you and those around you; for as you begin to clarify yourself and your life and health blossoms everyone will be able to see the difference. You can find it here: Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-Being and a New Reality by clicking here:

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    There are tons of ways in improving our memory and brain power. Like eating the right food and exercising our brain. If we use our brains more often, we can actually improve our memory.

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