Back Pain is No Joke


Back Pain is no jokei! Until last week, it was something I hadn’t ever experienced. It takes an instant for life to change and in that one particular instant I injured my back to the point of tears.

I had had a little nagging soreness, tenderness to the sciatica, hip or sacred ileum joint. I usually care for my small tears and tenderness in the moment, which allows me to manage my sports injuries before they turn into big ones.

Unfortunately, I had ignored this particular weakness for the last month or so because “I was too busy.” I won’t be forgetting any more. I know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I just got too distracted by my own life.

Through the experience of this injury I feel more certain of the benefit of having regular chiropractic visits, even if it is once a month or bi monthly. I had been a regular patient; but, of recently had believed that my yoga was sufficiently realigning my body. I am now in belief that I still need those “maintenance ” visits to keep a deeper structural alignment. Quite honestly, I think it is healthy to put the spine back in alignment so the energy flows properly and you are moving as fluidly as possible.

I believe my injury occurred because of a combination of things: I was in ignoring signs from my body, the lack of previous structural alignment, and from the lack of mindfulness when I went to pick up a very heavy bench I instantaneously injured my back.

For those of you that deal with it as a chronic problem I have a newfound sympathy and understanding of what they may be experiencing.

I found some startling statistics on back pain, Medopedia states:

31 million people in the United States have lower back pain.

As many as 50% of Americans report some back pain each year.

Over 50 billion dollars is spent trying to clear up back pain.

Many experts say the likelihood of any person to experience some back problem in their life is about 80%. That is 1 in 5 people.

These statistics serve as a good reminder of the value of your health and wellness. I am reminded of the ease at which I usually operate throughout my life and am understanding of the importance of my health and the constant demand I put on it.

Now, I have a project of putting my back together where it was once fine. I firmly believe most injuries of this type can be healed and are preventable in the future. In one week I have gone to 3 chiropractic visits, 1 acupuncture visit.

I use the following aids: daily self massages, gentle stretches, time on heating pad and ice pack. Blue Ice rubs, Chinese herbs, arnica rubs, rest and baths. I feel 60% better. I still have pain and will continue to mentally and physically ward it off and heal until I have made a full recovery.

I understand everyone may not be that lucky. I know it takes finances and time to attend to a bad back. I am grateful I can put the time and energy into my healing. I really don’t have much of a choice; but, I don’t think any of us with a chronic injury should stop until there is a cure for their pain. I believe the body can and will heal itself if given the proper TLC and health care.

Start with a positive mental state, follow with lots of attention, get informed, be persistent, and ask others for help, referrals and advice.

Here are some resources for Philadelphians:                                        


Dr. Wagman:

Dr. Fisher:


Dr. Gu 926 Arch St.



  1. Jeremy Stilling

    A herniated or slipped disc may also cause low back pain as well as sciatica, or legs. Jeremy Stilling

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    You have some excellent content and a compelling writing style – keep up the great work!

  3. Sandy Chiropractic

    It can’t be joke…if you think it a one night problem then you will become a laughable thing for everyone..

  4. Sebastian Sanders

    i have some slight back pain and stretching helps a bit to reduce its severity”..

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