Being Yoga 2007 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Day 1


Being a yoga teacher & a huge fan of yoga I decided to make my way down to Florida to check out some yoga & the sun at the Being Yoga Conference . I arrived on Friday in good spirits. There was a kick off meeting to which featured  lovely opening words from the Omega Institute signifying the end of their 30th Anniversary. Impressive for anyone or thing to last 30 yrs!

Then, it was time for chanting to G-d & a demonstration by  Sri Dharma Mittra . He is 69 yrs old & moves which such fluidity, grace & poise. It was awe striking. Imagine your form after 50 yrs of practice ! While he demonstrated his form his words of devotion to G-d played in the background. As a witness, it became clear that he has spent a great deal of his life in the practice of yoga w/the intention of G-d as his focus. Mighty & assured he led us into our own hearts & devotion. It was so beautiful!

Next a seemingly well-balanced, positive man, Matthew Sanford,came to speak to us about the act of waking. He has been paralyzed since he was 13 yrs old; he lost his father & sister in the same accident. His life altering experience led him to yoga, healing & higher consciousness.

He has spent his life teaching other disabled people yoga. His faith & strength were apparent as he has found the courage to face so many mental, physical & spiritual challenges.  “Connecting mind and body is not just a health strategy,” he says. “It is a movement of consciousness that can change the world.”You know an experience is effective when you leave the room affected. 

My mind had been directed to a place where I was sure to stay engaged until some time after I left the conference. My spirit was open & my soul ready to be influenced by others who have lived the “yoga life” for far longer than I. I anticipate the transfer of knowledge; as, I am thirsty for more sustenance.

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