Being Yoga Conference 2009 at the Omega Institute

The Omega Institute has an annual Being Yoga Conference in late summer. I have attended for the last three years. It has moved from Ft Lauderdale to New York and this year it was held in Rhinebeck, NY. Rhinebeck is home to the Omega Institute campus. After having experienced the conference in various locations I feel the true spirit of Being Yoga and the best place to absorb the information of its teachings are at Omega’s home base. There is something to be said for the environment’s affect on the whole experience, no matter what you are doing and where you are in a particular circumstance. In practicing yoga, what better way to be open, receptive and excited about receiving knowledge about your mind, body and spirit than by being at a nature’s haven in the form of a long standing, well respected wellness camp?

Some of the most gifted teachers of yoga, healing and meditation come to Omega to participate in the Being Yoga Conference. There is a wealth of information being presented for each of us to receive and incorporate into our lives. Some of the students are actually teachers and we go there to educate ourselves for the benefit of others as well. We become better technically, anatomically, spiritually and energetically. Even if you are simply going there for your own personal development the effect you will have on others is almost undeniable. The soul will be different after a few days at Omega no matter what you go there for.

Yoga is truly a science and educating yourself in different dimensions of yoga, such as: philosophy, form, meditation, practice and self care are all layers that will meld into a deeper understanding of the profound shift yoga can bring to your life. Yoga is a catalyst for deep changes that are possible if you become a knowledge seeker for the enlightenment of your soul. When we move away from karma into dharma and become enlightened beings your existence will be more satisfying.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study with: Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Marla Apt, Mark Whitwell, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Marla Apt and Mark Whitwell. In the following weeks will be writing a post on the workshop I took at the conference. I will review their larger knowledge base, training and community that they have created or work in when not traveling around the world teaching others yoga.

For now, consider checking out the Omega Institute campus for it is a lush, green landscape equipped with lodging or camping, filled with friendly people, good, healthy, fresh vegetarian food, wellness services and never a dull moment due to the daily meditation, yoga, tai chi, and movement classes. At night they have special presentations like music. Most people go to the campus because they are interested in a particular offering of a specific subject or teacher; but even going for a stay at Omega will leave you refreshed, charged and ready to go back to life with new energy.

Omega offers an immense amount of diverse courses on spiritual awakening, development and transformation through work on the mind, body and spirit. The environment itself is very nurturing, comfortable and easy. This prepares the self for opening to the information you have come there to learn. Sometimes it is a lot more difficult to open up and connect to subjects that the soul has created barriers or blocks to for various reasons. In our life part of our work is to unlock the barriers to become free from the restrictions our lives’ circumstances, development or reaction has created with us. Omega campus and its staff and the other people youmeet there will show you that it is a safe, heart-felt community that will help you accelerate the process. You can feel good Omega has its intention in the right place.

Don’t forget to check back in soon and learn about some of the different schools of yoga and their teachings!

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