Stephanie Churchill

Born in Austin, Texas

Grew up in Houston, Texas

Attended University of Texas in Austin – B.A. Liberal Arts (Psychology/Sociology)

Attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA – M.B.A. (Finance (Investments), Marketing)

Studied Yoga, Tai Chi, Bauqwa, Qigong & LinZi Chi Healing with Spirit Wind Society & Master Chik Mason

Teaching Yoga and Qigong since 2000 in Philadelphia

Founded Totally Zen in 2002

As I reflect back,                                  
What a long journey,
A real old soul.
I felt everything
From the the start,
Wise beyond my years.
Still so much to learn and know;
Should have stayed on a straight path
But the curves were too hard to resist.
Instead I have gone down many paths
Trying to find the ONE that suits me most.
Can’t say I haven’t tried a lot,
Good way to find out what was:
Right from Wrong
Good from Bad
Black from White
Positive from Negative
And everything in between.
Think I have got it mostly right now:
Teaching, giving, living, loving, learning,
Growing and developing from
My heart and soul.

About Yoga Training:

I began to study yoga in the spring of 1996. My Sifu master is Chik Mason. He is a powerful and devoted master of many different disciplines of Eastern Arts. I have studied the disciplines of yoga qigong, baugau, and tai chi. I excelled in the area of yoga. My Master, Chik, offered extensive study courses on different areas of the internal and healing arts. One of these courses was for a certification in the teaching of Dao Yin Yoga. I have been a teacher of yoga for eight years. Over the years I have built a following at 12th Street Gym. I have been written up in the City Paper’s Best Of (edition) 2001.  CN-8 featured me in a story covering the growing popularity of yoga. I enjoy working with my private clients in the realm of yoga, massage and spiritual counseling.

My Sifu Master, Chik Mason, is very dedicated to the accuracy and preservation of eastern art history, the teachings of chi or internal energy, schooling of many different techniques of healing, and is a master of teaching many different eastern art forms. So, I have been bestowed this powerful knowledge.

My life and lifestyle have changed as a result of my yoga practice. I have increasingly depended on this discipline in my life. I have conveyed these learning’s, experiences, and blessings on those that come into my sphere. I will continue to educate and grow as a teacher, healer, and spiritual advisor.