Breathing Exercises to Train the Mind


Breathing allows us to live each and every day. But, did you know that the breath could train the mind? In meditation we train the breath to clear the mind. The first step is a strong, constant breath. Then, building your concentration to clear the mind by breathing white light or breath without thought. There are many forms of meditation but they are all tools to quiet the mind and be one with your true self.

Another concept for breath training that facilitates mind training is using the breath to create positive thought, intuition.

In a breath cycle we have an inhale and exhale. What if we used each part of the breath to create intention?

When we breathe deeply we send new oxygen, energy, and vitality to the whole body. If we attach a message to that breath the mind, body and sprit receive this message and can integrate it into your consciousness.

For example:

If you want to become aware of the energy you create, you can breathe in to receive energy and breathe out to give energy.

If you are feeling run down you can use a cleansing breath to renew your energy. Breath in white light and breath out grey light.

If you feel you need good things to enter your life. Try and breath in what is good and breath out what is bad.

If you want to be surrounded by positive energy; then, breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.

To balance your energy, you can breathe in the force of yin and breathe out the force of yang.

To connect yourself with the Universal energy all around us, you can breathe in to absorb energy and breathe out to emit energy.

With all these slightly different messages you can send your brain to help develop and/or sustain a balanced, positive approach to life.

Most of us have become familiar with the concept of the laws of attraction. We can use our breath as a way to develop our mind. It will help to reinforce the positive forces you want or have in your life.

Breathing Exercise:

Take time in your daily life to breathe in one or all of these qualities.

It doesn’t matter where you are, if your eyes are open or closed or if you take 1 breathe or 15 minutes to breath in these powerful messages.

You can look at the list while you do your breathing exercise or learn the intentions and go through them in succession. This will build a balanced mind and energy field around you.

Try one round and then build up to 9 breaths of each. 9 is the number of completion in Chinese.

If you think one message serves you better focus to that repeteviily.
This will enhance the intention ad strength of this message.

You CANNOT go wrong with breath, mind training. In fact, the benefits are endless!

Breathe In:                                                      Breathe Out:
                 Receive energy                                                   Give energy
                 White light                                                          Grey light
                 What is good                                                      What is bad
                 Positivity                                                             Negativity
                 Force of yin                                                        Force of yang
                 Absorb energy                                                    Emit energy






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