Breathing Under Water


Breathing Under Water is a piece of music Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale. Also, playing the flute was Gaurav Raina of the MIDIval Punditz , whose work is blessed.

Most people have heard of Anoushka Shankar because her father is the infamous Ravi Shankar. Although, she is so talented & gifted in her own right! She was trained in traditional or classical Indian music; but, as she has grown into her own she has begun to fuse different types of music to create her original sound or flavor(s).

She plays the sitar & this is one captivating instrument with a sound that grows on you each time you return to it! On this work she produced w/Karsh Kale who was amazing on the tablas it feels kinetic & tranquil , fresh & ancient. The influences are varied & the songs flow like water! Some of them even have the water feeling or sound within them . Imagine that !!I didn’t expect to go to this concert & as all good suprises come to fruition it just happens.. I found myself sitting in the World Music Cafe about to witness a musical event that I had longed for for quite some time!

As the music began the energy began to stir & lift & strengthen! I wanted to be free & open enough that I absorb & bond with this authentic cultural & spiritual music! It sounds a bit weird; but, just imagine yourself at any good rock concert & then add some belly dancing hands :).

It is a good exercise to try & free yourself up ;so , that you are not self conscious enough to think of what people will think of your strange movements or look to you as if you are crazy! Before that, you have to open up your body to the point that the music can flow through you & around you like water! The water who’s tide ebbs & flows, charges in & santers out & that is unmistakably strong , yet peaceful. I did this & now feel super energized & enlightened by my abiliry to be in that moment & only in that moment & join in that energy & offering.

Music can be looked at as an offering to G-d, a praise, a prayer to help lift one up or look after them. In that vein there is a devotion to the vibration that connects you to this higher force. It is sonic although constant. Sometimes it takes a special event to take time or energy to chill & open to be able to hear. But, the higher power is always with us, around us & in that love there is music as an exchange to & from many people.

Music is the universal language that knows no boundaries or restrictions. It is crossing the globe & going from religious settings to underground clubs. The music is merging so fast & furiously there seems no end or limit!This is similar to our own journey each time we tune in the radio or turn on a cd or whatever. Our music can open our bodies & heal our bodies & clear our minds.. Next time you have a free block of time open your ears to a new sound & take time to observe what you find happening within your senses & your temple (your body). It just may turn you on…


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