Bringing in the New Year, 2009


Bringing in the New Year is a powerful time to reset your clock and make time for the things you feel are most important to you. Think of it as a fresh start for an existing soul. A marker of time we can use to compare what was in the previous 12 months to what we had wanted, had hoped for and worked for in that time period. Sometimes the things we strive for are immediately apparent while others take a long time to come into fruition.

It’s easy to brush things off but not so easy to lie to your self year after year. If there are things running through your mind and are bugging you. Try to make a commitment to address them little by little so you can make changes that put your self at ease.

As usual our health, waistline, pocketbook and wellbeing are on the top of our list. But, try making a pledge to go out in your neighbor-hood or beyond and do little acts of kindness or try to create a way to share your wealth, knowledge and expertise with others less fortunate.

If we all do our part, IT WILL MAKE A DIIFERENCE. TOGETHER!            



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