Can Obama Help Change America? Where Does Change Start?

I have never written anything about politics and when I conceived the Totally Zen blog I made a mental note to avoid the subject. Now, a year later, it is election year; I find myself unable to withhold my opinion.

My motivation comes from watching part of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night and because the current campaign is founded on an initiative of fundamental principals that I believe in and strive to make part of my world and this world I am putting forth in the form of Totally Zen.

Might I add, after I finished this post I went to You Tube & found the Hillary Clinton montage that had inspired me & while there I found the Bill Clinton speech which I saw by teleprompter while I worked out at the gym. I didn’t catch the beginning of his speech; so, I played it and I am floored to find that the sentiment in this post and his opening summary are one in the same. Bill Clinton’s speech was amazingly powerful and direct (you can find the links at the bottom of the page).

I feel as a collective Americans have been feeling: feel beat up, frustrated, helpless and hopeless. Our economy is in need of help, our country shows signs of being structurally unsound, our men are at war, the world is not our friend, we have given up our world power and world class reputation.

Who knows where our common sense and manners went when dealing with our own people and our global neighbors? How long did it take to create all our inefficiencies, lack of attention to detail, arrogance in how we deal with people, businesses and international relationships?

Can we be forgiven for our mistakes and rebuild a country that is respected and solid, intelligent and aware?

Is it possible to change that much and are we even going to try?                                                                               

The scary thing is our problems are so deep it almost seems impossible. Alas, hope and dedication, perseverance and determination in a person, in a leader, in a country can carry much weight on their shoulders. Why give up when you can fight for the American dream?

In fact, this is a great time to shape up. Much like a person who’s life, health, relationships start to fail them: our country needs a new attitude.

Changing our ways, instilling energy, motivation, passion, and desire to be better, live simpler and be more conscious are great transformers. Funny, the same qualities needed for change in an individual are the same for a country or a global initiative. Spiritual principle says you cannot change anything until you change yourself.

No matter who you feel is more experienced, has better policy, plans and is going to get the job done for you and the United States of America – it is important to know and feel your opinion matters to us! Get involved and take action.

Are you ready to act? Are you ready to vote?                                    

Express yourself!

Rock the Vote!


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