Earth Day 2009 in Philadelphia

Earth Day is a way of creating awareness and recognition for our planet. Founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in that began in 1970 as the largest organized event at that time. Now each year it is celebrated globally.

In Philadelphia many organizations find a way to recognize Earth Day. In Clark Park, 43rd & Baltimore, last Saturday the Uhuru Movement made the beneficiary of their Earth Day Fest the African Village Survival Initiative. This organization concentrates on helping provide food, water, energy and programs to foster economic empowerment in the African nation and communities worldwide.

At the park there was food, music, lots of people, kids, games, spoken word, drumming circle; as well as, speakers on sustainability, health and social justice. A great flea market provided a perfect backdrop to all the people to enjoy this nonstop entertainment. There were lots of craftspeople, jewelers, artists, unique gifts and books to allow you to take home something.                  

The sunshine and good vibes could not be denied and I couldn’t help but feel everyone appreciated the park as a fine example of the great treasure and resource the Earth provides them. Individually and collectively we can take the Earth for granted and then a moment happens where you say, Ahhhh & feel all the goodness we derive from our beautiful planet!

Please take time to do something to enhance the Earth today! You can do something else for the Earth tomorrow and all the other days to follow. :)




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