Checking in on Green and the New “Green Economy”?

Updating your knowledge and information on the evolving process of Going Green is a worthwhile use of time and energy. Remember it might not seem like you are making a difference or you can’t make a difference; but YOU CAN!

If everyone individually does their part to “get green” and then like-minded people get together; eventually all those communities worldwide will get together and work in harmony. Forging new mentalities and habits that are more productive, conscious and clean for the environment. When we “clean up” our environment we send out a message of positivity and consciousness. It is happening right now so make sure you are on board!

Look here for ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your daily life and even printout the monthly Low Carbon Diet planner.

A green economy has emerged from the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle it. From this decision we are seeing a crop of new opportunities called “green collar jobs” where these jobs are replacing old manufacturing jobs that are now overseas or outsourced. Workers building hybrid cars, solar panels, building wind turbines, weatherizing homes and creating other alternative energy solutions and applications. Read more about it in the NYT article, Majoring in Renewable Energy.

As Obama signs the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill in Denver today he chose the Denver Museum of Nature & Science with solar panels to help power the building because he wanted to emphasize the investments that the spending plan will make in the “green” energy-related jobs.

Locally, there has been a growing effort on developing a green economy in Philadelphia. *On February 4th, the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia led a delegation of fifteen leaders from Philadelphia to Capitol Hill to educate lawmakers about the new, green economy and its potential for Philadelphia. More than 2,500 labor, environmental and business advocates gathered in Washington DC at the three-day National Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference to forge an agenda for the new, green economy. 

Philadelphia is poised to be a national leader on green collar jobs and any economic recovery plan approved by Congress must fully fund the Green Jobs Act at $500 million. The Green Jobs Act was signed into law in December 2007 but has been stuck in Appropriations for over a year.*

Our world has so many challenges and changes to make it can be frightening. Buddha says fear is an illusion and that it is the root of all suffering, which arises from the mind. Practicing detachment and embracing love can remove these burdens. In this new shift we are experiencing; be a part of the positive momentum and letting go of the old habits and thinking that keep you unable to embrace the evolution.

*Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia email from Leanne Krueger-Braneky, Executive Director


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