Qigong, A Five Part Series , Part I- Overview

I was thinking about the five part series I began two weeks ago on yoga and I couldn’t help but think it is only fair to do the same for Qigong. Totally Zen practice embodies both forms as they are integrated healing modules. They intensify and benefit one another completely!

Based on the reactions and feedback I get from my students after practice; people love Qigong! Students agree it is one of the fastest ways to connect to your energy and get immediate results from doing energy work. Qigong originated about 2,000 years ago and there are still millions of practitioners throughout Asia today.

That being said I will offer you an overview of Qigong now. The following articles will be posted on a once a month basis. Look for the next part of this series on July 16, 2008. Here are the topics I will explore in the future:

• Variety of Different Forms of Qigong Qigong Chi Energy Meditation
• How to Practice Correctly
• Development of Qi
• Benefits of Practicing Qigong

Qigong is a holistic therapy that utilizes the body and mind and spirit. The movement art develops vital energy to increase your health and longevity, raise your consciousness and connect to your spirit.

It is truly an exercise form that allows you to achieve control over the body and mind. By focusing on breathing, while concentrating on engaging the body physically, as it moves through the form.

Practicing qigong can increase the body’s ability to defend itself against the environment and make the body’s entire constitution stronger. It also unleashes brainpower!

Energy, which is the breath, moves through the body along pathways, which are meridians. It collects to be used as reserve in the charkas and tan tiens.

In Chinese medicine blockages along these meridians are said to cause dis ease. Blockages can be thought of as places energy is trapped along the pathways due to physical, emotional or spiritual trauma, toxins or stress. Energy does not properly flow through these areas. These blockages can be removed using Qigong techniques.

While practicing qigong you can learn how to connect, build, circulate and direct your energy. These techniques can be used to heal the self of others.

Qiong exercises three different types of energy. These are thought of as the three treasures of the body. There is your essence’s energy referred to as Jing. Then, there is your vital energy, this is Qi. The spirit’s energy is called Shen.

Qigong exercises combines the use of shapes or postures (Xing) with your intention or concentration (Yi) and vital energy (Qi). In Chinese medicine these are referred to as the three regulations. Learning to control these components through Qigong regulates the body.

The goal of qigong is to balance your energy to promote physical and mental well being. Try some today!



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