Community Gardening – Find One in Your Neighborhood

In the midst of the concrete jungle sometimes we are fortunate enough to pass upon a mystical plot of land designated for local people to “get their garden on”. This is an excellent opportunity to practice awareness and really absorb the beauty of nature in all its spectacular forms! It is special to see the different types of plants, vegetables, herbs grown in different degrees of success, intensity and organization in your cities community gardens.

If there isn’t any space to grow plants, community gardening may be an option for you. Most cities have some kind of community garden program, where residents can rent a plot of land for a small fee (sometimes free). There are about 10,000 community gardens in the U.S..

In a community garden, the residents share in the responsibility of maintaining and managing the garden. There you can find a group of like-minded people, who utilize a single space to build community, contribute and connect to the Earth. This is a great way to get to know members of the local community, reduce stress, share knowledge, grow your own food and beautify your community.

This last weekend I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a community garden. They had gathered to have a picnic and garden. Everyone seemed happy and active with eating, talking and gardening. A perfect fall day! Their garden had some awesome fall staples like: broccoli, red Swiss chards, spinach, kale, peppers and carrots. The flowers were inspiring in their magnificence! I spoke to Kaki, Jackie and Karen (who gave me a tour of her plot) everyone was so welcoming!                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I am a BIG FAN & SUPPORTER of GARDENING!! I love my garden, plants and herbs. Once you get some soil under your nails, dirt on your knees and witness the growth of something alive that you are responsible for it can be addictive. Some great Ahh moments take place in the garden. Finding time for yourself and the things you like to do, your connection to nature and Earth, great conversations and tremendous rewards when you grow healthy plants!

Find out if your city has a community garden in your area or start one: the American Community Gardening Association. In Philadelphia,

I was at the lovely , Capitolo Community Garden,                                                                        

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