Cooking with Herbs, Natural & Tasteful!

Cooking with herbs can be so rewarding! The taste of fresh herbs in your food adds another dimension to your food palate thereby increasing the amount of flavor in each mouthful of food. Making your own tea from drying leaves or infusing jam, honey or whatever is a great option. Herbs are an additive with healing benefits. Fresh herbs still taste like a plant when you get them from your own garden.

Why Would You Grow Herbs:

• The essence of the plants is stronger, fresher

• No pesticides to worry about

• Low cost

• Gratifying to make and watch something grow.

I like the whole experience of growing the herbs at home, then taking them straight out of my garden (or potted plants) to incorporate them into my cooking. Everything tastes better with herbs!

I have a lemon verdana plant for lemon tea. Asian cuisine is better with lemon grass. The thyme, chives, oregano are great for salads & more traditional dishes. Mint is good for cleaning your breath or eating for digestion. Rosemary is necessary when you cook Italian. There are so many options when you think about it!

Here are the Herbs I planted this year:

rosemaryRosemary looks like thorn or pine leaves and is in the mint family. The plant is native in the Mediterranean and is produced in produced in Spain, France and Portugal.
It is said to improve memory and brain power. It is a good elixir and clarifier of energy in the air.




oreganoOregano originates in Greece and Italy since the beginning of civilization. Using it with fish or poultry enhances the flavor of the meat. Vegetables and potatoes pop with some oregano and rosemary. You should crush the oregano to release the flavor by hand or mortar.




Thyme is a low growing bush. The leaves are small & you remove them from the stalk as you use them. The aroma is refined and should be chopped finely. Use them in stews, sauces and cooked dishes. It is said to cure hangovers and assists digestion. Thyme is    said to be part of the Virgin Mary’s straw bed for Christ’s child.


chivesChives are green, hollow, long and thin. They are in the onion family. Chives are good because they won’t be too strong. They are grown in since the Middle Ages but have been around in the wild since ancient times.



mintMint has a cool aftertaste but the beginning is poignant and stimulating. There are many types of mint in the mint family: spearmint, peppermint and flavored mints. I am growing orange and chocolate mint each have a strong essence of the flavor.



lemonverdanaLemon is a powerful tonic for the body. It is an aid to the liver and helps reestablish the Ph balance of the body. It enhances or uplifts mood and calms anxieties. Lemon is helps strengthen the bodies’ immune system from the Vitamin C. Tastes clean, crisp and citrusy in and out of food.



******   Now it is your turn to plant some herbs.



  1. munish sharma

    I want to knw abt the healthy way of cooking or boiling the vegetable to eat..something like zen type to meke my heart nd mind calm nd my body strong..plz tell me some such references through my e-mail,
    I’ll be very thankful to u..

  2. susanweaver

    That’s great. This is a great blog, I wish that you continued writing for the past year.

    I enjoy your insights into yoga


  3. Zachary Evans

    i always use Oregano and other herbs on my soup and homecooked meals:.-

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