Does practicing Yoga bring you closer to Oneness?

Oneness is singular, without parts and not made up of other things. Oneness in the self; is that the same as Oneness in the Higher power? In Daoism, the theory is the Universal energy that flows through you, flows through me. It is also connected to the Higher force, the Universal consciousness. Anything you want to describe or label the Creator, the One will be constant and without change.

A lot of people are not sure if yoga is a religious practice or yoga tries to incorporate religion into it? Of course, there may be some teachers or practices that connect the two; but I think it just happens naturally as an effect of practice. When I first started practicing yoga maybe I was a bit spiritual; but I was not religious. I find the more I practice yoga the more I find G-d or this Universal energy and it has nothing to do with religion.

A lot of people live in a place ruled by their ego. Some people reek so strongly of ego anyone could call it and others it may be so subtle that its restrictions are barely noticeable. In yoga, part of practice is to let go of the mind. Your ego lives in your mind. If you decide to release ego you concede to a Higher force. Then, a small opening is made in the Universe to allow you to feel Him or Her’s presence and power. The more you release ego and join in this Higher force the more you experience the light in your life.

Being self-centered is a common and practical way to live in our Western world. We have been raised to be self-sufficient and achieve which might not leave a lot of space for others. Many people will have to work hard to truly join with their higher self, community and this Higher power. Evaluating where you are now and where you want to be is worth time and energy if you want to make more space and light in your being.

How do we establish this connection to Oneness and make it stronger? In yoga practice the clearing through breath and meditation is going to manifest a deeper connection to the true self. This can be seen as a reflection of the Higher power, the source, the white light that we are all made of and is there to support you. This connection is a beautiful blessing that arises from practice and has to manifest organically through time and space. It should have no boundaries or divisions just as the Higher power has none. You can devote each practice as an offering to G-d as a way to connect to this Oneness or let nature take its course bringing you back home, to center.

The result of being in Oneness is life has more purpose and satisfaction. You feel more empowered in your life, relationships, community and direction. You are on and in purpose. This pure energy source flows through you and you are One with this Universal energy source.

It feels mystical and joyous but mostly it takes the pressure off you to follow a road that leads away from Higher power and others. Each time we make a choice that pulls and tugs at our mind, body and spirit it is a result of us being less One and more me. Listen to that voice and try yoga as a way to begin the gradual transformation to Oneness. It is a glorious trip!

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