Earth Day 2010- Celebrate and Reflect on Earth’s Force.

Earth Day 2010 ,2

Earth day has been going on for forty years and we know the Earth has been here much longer. There are SO MANY FRIGHTENING REALITIES RESONATING FROM OUR EARTH WE SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF BEFORE OUR EYES! It’s not a soapbox here but I do feel strongly about our behavior. We watch the Earth suffer devastations that affect our people, homes, businesses, quality of life, environment, energy and every last thing. Do we have the power to join together and make a positive effect on the Earth?

Unfortunately, it is quite a daunting task and I am not sure if we can reverse the winds of change and to redirect them to a positive flow. It would take more momentum than most people are putting out at this current time. It’s like solar wind power on top everyone’s house not just some fields here and there. We need sustainable living in every direction and conscious use, conservation and replenishment of our resources.

I do not wish to sound grave; but in my heart it feels like a losing battle. More people need to take more responsibility and action. Currently, I am doing a decent amount of conservation, educating and participation in activities and events that could lead to more change id more people followed suit in a similar fashion. I believe I can do more. I vow to make more attempts to support the Earth and its health in the coming year(s) and will give an update at year-end. I am making myself more accountable right now.

It is a worthwhile cause & we all know we can and should join in for this monumental movement to Help the Earth. Of course, our footprint(s) might have already been too large and eventually the Earth may reclaim itself, as nature is King. The Earth will eventually rejuvinate and revive itself by starting new again. Until then, we can ignore it or take action. I like to Live in Action!

So, in support of the Earth I joined in for the second time at Uhuru’s Earth Day, Clark Park celebration of Earth and Freedom. These are things I want to be sustained forever. It was awesome to see the event grow from the previous year. There were more vendors, more types of people to join in the celebration.

Earth Day 2010 ,3

The Uhuru does a great job of bringing education in many areas to the forefront; they did not fail to bring a variety of entertainment to us. The weather was cool and breezy. The feeling of the Earth under my feet, the breeze on my skin and the good vibrations of people, art, culture and food was a sensory delight!

Remember Earth Day every day and not just once a year.                                                                                                           Earth Day 2010 ,4

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