Eating Fruit is Nutritious and Delicious

Before I eat fruit I get happy. My body and brain actually get a bit excited and anxious when I think of biting into a piece of fruit. I hadn’t thought about why until I started to write about it. Fruit makes you happy because of all the natural sugar it provides for you. Think of it as instant energy! Fruit digests within 30 minutes of eating it, while meat takes 6 hrs.

Our bodies are comprised of 80% water. The Earth is covered with 70% water. Staying hydrated is a key to good health. We are meant to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. So, it makes sense that you need to eat food that is rich in water to help with this process. Fruit and vegetables are water-based foods.

Fruit’s energy is glucose. Glucose is turned into energy by converting it with oxygen. The waste products of fruit are water and carbon dioxide. The body uses the water and releases the carbon dioxide through your lungs. Animal protein is much harder to digest because it takes more energy to convert protein and fat into energy and there is no oxygen to aid it. Also, the by-product of processing animal protein is ammonia toxic and must be excreted through the kidneys. All this work is much harder on your system and takes longer.

When you eat more fruit and vegetables and less animal protein you should notice a surge in your energy level after about 30 days of starting your new regimen. Your body needs time to assimilate the new nutrients into its system. Your digestion should become easier and more regular. Your skin’s complexion should brighten. Overall, fruit is an elixir for the soul and body.

There are more WONDERFUL reasons to eat FRUIT! Let’s remind ourselves of them now:

Fruit is from the Earth and is totally natural! Try and eat organically grown fruit because it will not be full of toxic chemicals. When you eat fruit grown locally it is choked full of more nutrients because it takes less time to get to your stomach! Eating fruit does not violate the treatment of any animals to keep you healthy and has no karma associated with it. Fruit can keep you free of bad cholesterol. We need fiber in our diets to cleanse our systems and fruit is a fiber rich food. Fruit is a great detoxifier. There are so many nutrients in fruit it can ward off cancer, disease and prolong life.

Now, with all that nutritional information in mind, next time you pick up a piece of fruit concentrate on its taste, flavor, juiciness and delightful offering to your body. How great does fruit taste! Fruit is super satisfying and it comes in so many varieties. Seasonal fruit allows you to change your focus on different types of fruit that grow at different times of the year allowing your body to be in rhythm with the seasons of the Earth.

Try to eat 5-9 pieces of fruit a day, as recommended by the American Heart Association. The great thing about fruit is that it is convenient to pick up and portable for your life. One piece of fruit can satisfy your hunger for hours.

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