Experiencing the Perfect Apple Pie

I love pie & sweets. I don’t allow myself to eat them that often.

It was Thursday night & I had just finished teaching my class at 12th St. Gym. As fate would have it, I got a parking spot right outside the restaurant, More Than Just Ice Cream. The food is home-style diner meets bistro and very tasty! But, they are known for their APPLE PIE. It stands in all its glory, 5x7x3, I just took out my tape measure so I could be accurate! Heaven knows when I replace the camera I lost at Austin City Limits Music Festival & my web designer tells me how to upload pictures, what will happen! You will have to get a piece ASAP just based on the visual, and it Rocks!

So, to back up, I had been in Dallas, Texas where it was 74* for 4 days of my visit until the storm blew in; and then, I could have been in Philadelphia. This is where my brother’s girlfriend was getting me sick after our watching the film, American Gangster, and eating burgers and AMAZING onion rings at Snuffers. [People cover your mouths when you cough & sneeze! If you are really sick, DON’T go around other people! ] So, there we were & she was doing her thing & then I was teaching her that lesson & then waking up the next morning, SICK!

So, I came back to Philly & got sick. Now, if you feel a cold or flu coming on: I was told by a homeopath, to start taking 3,000 mg of Vitamin C & 3 tablets or droppers of Echinacea every 3 hrs IMMEDIATELY! Keep this regimine up until your stomach can’t hang anymore. So, I did; the virus got me anyway. Now, I was able to beat it out pretty quick; but, that meant my stomach took a beating. Which is why I rewarded myself w/the warm, fresh, real apples w/a lot of cinnamon, not too sweet, tender, flaky crust of a meal of Apple Pie.

After yoga, many experience a feeling of bliss. Your body relaxes, your mind clears & your spirit is front & center. It is euphoric! On top of that, teaching gives me such a wonderful, fulfilling feeling. Seeing my friends from Lulu Lemon take my class was pretty cool too! Walking outside to my car and staring across the street and remembering that my client earlier in the week had divulged he had apple tart and icecream for dinner the night before all just seemed to play a part in my fully rationale, committed decision to have this apple pie w/soycream, no dairy, for dinner and make sure that I was in perfect Zen every moment I laid my taste buds into that pie!

I was SO EXCITED about my Thursday night plans, I could bust! So, on my way over to Whole Foods to buy soycream I called friends to tell them of my plans. They were very excited for me too!

I parked, took careful measure to try & pick the perfect soycream for my perfect slice of pie. On my way out, I picked up a City Paper because ,in Zen, I felt drawn to this mysterious man on the cover.

I drove home, took care to warm a generous slice of apple pie & check out the soycream, Prailine Pecan by Purely Decadent, www.purelydecadent.com. The vanilla soycream was backed up by sugary sweet caramel, prailine wrapped pecans. Wow! How are those two going to make perfect yin & yang in my mouth soon!

I wanted to savor every bite of this match made in heaven that would soothe and ease my tummy and whole being with its richness and goodness. I was ready! I opened up the City Paper to find out more about the dark mysterious man on the cover, Brian Christinzio (and not to focus to anyone’s shortcomings) I realized the guy on the cover who was said to have made an amazing album, Blink of a Nihilist, suffers from the same disorder my brother’s girlfriend suffers from which I learned as she was hacking and sneezing on me. They have hypothyroidism, which is a condition that makes the person depressed, fatigued, weak & slightly irregular. So, now I am eating this Perfect Apple Pie thinking of my brother’s girlfriend who helped make my tummy sore who helped me choose this meal enjoying the surreal-ness & interconnectedness of every little thing we say or do. Cool!



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