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Being healthy is a choice and it takes time, energy and effort. This week I made sure to indulge and educate myself by attending local events that are good for the mind, body and spirit.

Hanging around like-minded people has an energetic effect on the soul. Whenever you leave a gathering of people who join for a common purpose don’t you feel intensified? It is amazing how you can add strength, direction and commitment to your goals by being around others that feel the same way. Seek out publications, events, groups that promote the things that you want to exist and thrive in your world.

Brio Vim, a new health and community wellness center in Center City Philadelphia , hosted its First Sunday Vegan Brunch today. A few friends and I went over to check it out. Prana, one of the founders, greeted and served us. She was warm, friendly and didn’t let you wait until you needed something to bring it right over.

The food was fresh and the portion was hearty. They hydrated us with juice, cider, tea, coffee, H2O. It was great! The meal started with a pumpkin, white chocolate muffin or maple, nut bread that were both yum yum! They served vegan eggs w/ sun-dried tomatoes, grilled tempeh and a pear, cranberry, walnut salad they were all delicious.

Looking a bit ahead, they are hosting a vegan Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday, November 22 from 5-8pm. Everyone is encouraged to bring a beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. On New Years Day, Brio Vim is hosting a Hangover Yoga class from 2-3:30pm followed by Make Your Own Juice Cocktail Hour (hair of the dog optional) from 3:30-5pm.

Check out their website, briovim.com, for Pay What You Can Yoga schedule, Feel Great at Work Yoga and Wellness, sliding scale massage and bodywork and all other events. I think I will go back and try their yoga and massage services!

Then, my friend and I headed over to Voorhees, NJ to see what was happening at the Healthy Living Expo. They put together regional health fairs to help educate their communities. You could find practitioners and experts to educate you on healthy alternatives, yoga, wellness, natural products and sustainable living to name a few. I found out more about solar power, efficient light bulbs, aromatherapy, natural house cleaners, super foods. All in one location which helps makes it fun and hassle free!

Today, I did something good for my health and wellness. I was rewarded by meeting some good, knowledgeable, nice people who furthered my learning on the healing path.










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    It’s so good to hang out with like minded people we are all so blessed when we can connect together

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