Feeling the Difference

I was thinking about the phenomenon of when a person experiences something profound in their life they proclaim certain truths in their world & then what??????? When someone takes in an experience & becomes affected will that experience make a lasting effect in them?

I recently returned from the Being Yoga Conference organized by the Omega Institute. I experienced such great things I knew that the experience would remain important to me; but, is it embedded in my being so as to be eternally different from that moment on in time?

I attended the Closing Ceremony at the conference. Cyndi Lee from Om Yoga spoke of, “not hoarding our experiences”; but “internalizing them & letting them go. ”Interestingly, that topic of experiences effecting people was made in two of the workshops I had attended at Being Yoga.  

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa from Golden Bridge had spoken of un-programming all of the perceptions, consciousnesses of other people in your own self. Linda Devi spoke about mother & unborn child beginning the process in gestation of “being effected positive or negative.”

What both masters did agree upon is the emotional quality that human cells carry & store within your body as a real occurrence. So, I was “checking in” on the residual effects of my time at Being Yoga. Am I truly different or was it just hype? Do I exist in my own self as a slightly altered being? The answer was yes; I deducted when a person’s intention is to change the mind, body & spirit – the soul will follow the intention.

It doesn’t hurt to spend an intensive few days learning from accomplished people & concentrating on the shifts you want to integrate into your being! My intention was to become more mindful of what I am creating & to have & offer more love in my heart. I believe I am being successful in my intention.But, that lasting effect, no matter how small, carried forward into the infinite future & built upon as time goes by begins to create a significant change in more than just one being. The affect will effect many people on the road of life.

This is why the consciousness you bring forth into each & every situation, each & every day is not insignificant.  We have a responsibility to ourselves & them to others to feel the difference our words, attitude & behaviors affect the world we live in daily.

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