Finding your way through the Transitions in Life


Last week I wrote about the transition from conception to becoming a living being. Although a couple of weeks have passed; I am still left with the impression I got after I had accidentally caught the retirement speech of Brett Favre while I was doing cardio at the gym. Even without, and maybe especially because, I did not have any sound on the tele, just the teleprompter, I saw the experience of putting to rest a seventeen year career to rest weigh heavily on a man’s emotional content. As it unfolded before my very eyes; it was like a wave of emotion that really only he felt completely. What it must feel like to retire from your first love after very successfully participating in the sport, the profession, and the passion of football.

Playing at the level and position he played at took extreme concentration, dedication and responsibility. He was a team captain, a MVP for many years. He set many records for all-time most passing yards, most touchdown in all-time, most completions in all-time, most interceptions and 2nd in the all-time record for most consistent starters. *

How doesn’t one cry when they lay their accomplished career to rest after you make such an impact on the game? As sports figures are idols and icons on which many people put their trust, faith, respect towards as inspiration for their own life. As I grew up, I couldn’t help notice the people who begin from an early age to begin to dedicate and commit most of their life to the craft of something (in particular football). The game is physically very demanding and engaging, emotionally it requires a large part of your spirit if you play it with skill and culturally it becomes a lifestyle and identity.

Interestingly, I went back to YouTube to watch this speech with volume. I heard his voice crack, change in tone, saw the tears stream down his face. I thought it was beautiful and moving! A man’s man unable to hold back his true feelings to be revealed to all the world. How intimate a moment in time we were able to be a part of that day. Is that the gratitude of a blessed life that followed his commitment and talent to give all he could to the socio culture of football? When does the well dry up or diminish to a point he felt he could,” no longer give what it takes”? Is giving that much to someone or something become detrimental to your state of mind or being? **

For whatever reasons Brett Favre felt his commitment, impact, energy to the sport and culture could no longer adequately represent the level in which he felt he previously presented to himself or us.

I looked up adequately and it said, ” sufficient to satisfy a requirement or meet a need.” I bet Brett, who accomplished most of his records this last season, felt he couldn’t progress further in margin than that which he did last year and that it might be time to let one thing recede while another gain in force, much like a wave.***

So, what do you do when you must let something that is such a big force in your life go because it no longer makes sense in the grander picture? The pain, the vulnerability and openness you must experience. The void or emptiness and loneliness must be super scary!

Doesn’t seem to me there would be any easy way to escape that transition. How not to make it a negative impact; but an opportunity for growth, connection and joy? Probably keeping it moving, fully engaging in other activities and surrounding yourself with the people and things that bring you comfort.

Changes and transitions are a fundamental part of living this life; I can better navigate myself through my transitory experiences with the help of my Eastern training. Setting my mind, body and spirit to the intention I wish to follow to make it through the inevitable changes that come upon me. The deep breath that settles your mind, feeds your body and assures your soul you are ready to roll..



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