Five Fundamentals of Yoga, Part IV, Intention


As we continue to discover more about ourselves through the practice of yoga we are able to get deeper into the practice itself. Meaning the practice moves from the external to the internal.

When we begin, most of us are so focused on the body, trying to learn or “do” the postures. Once we secure some knowledge and familiarity with the form we have space to integrate other aspects as to what the practice can be for ourselves.

Unblocking, unleashing our true potential bit by bit is a process that requires us to be present in the mind, body and spirit. This is where the true learning begins and, hopefully, evolves until we reach enlightenment if we are so fortunate.                                                      

Setting an intention before you practice yoga helps you keep focus on what you feel is most important at that time. Practicing to bring: healing, understanding, consciousness, love, G-d, peace, light to yourself or others are all beautiful intentions.

Some Masters feel the practice of yoga is insignificant to the intention. Meaning the mind can do the healing without the body. This really hones in on the aspect of how powerful our minds and how without intention yoga is just an exercise. With the power to control your mind you we can do miraculous things.

Channeling your intention to the place you feel connected reveals part of your true nature. If you want to make changes: you take note of where, who and how you are and; then, visualize the intention and practice thinking and behaving in this fashion.

As you continue to set intentions you become more aware and conscious of how the intention of your action follows the course of its unraveling. Setting up your practice or your life through positive, pure intention can have great benefits to the quality of your life.

Whether you practice yoga or not being a positive force in this world has to be created and maintained in the mind. Yoga practice is a vehicle, a space to allow us the time and freedom to express that intention. Making time to slow down the mind, clear the head and listen to your inner self will empower you to become full of light.

It is hard to hide and be in the dark when the light is shining on you.        

Set an intention today and the next day and next day and watch how all these positive intentions link up to fortify your existence in a warm, affirmative way.




  1. Shay Bohanan

    We are all children of yoga – it is our journey. What is your favorite yoga mat?

  2. Mack Caroselli

    Yoga is a path to englightnment. I think we should all start doing it now.

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