Follow the River to a Sacred Place


                                                                            Delaware River Country


I recently discovered a way to reconnect to nature while getting to spend some quality time with your friends! As a city girl sometimes I forget to get out into nature. It took me all summer to feel river water through my toes and hair. Ahhh! What a pleasure!

In college, I thoroughly enjoyed tubing down the Brazos River in Texas. I hadn’t even considered tubing in Pennsylvania. A friend mentioned it to me last month. Labor day weekend found me going down the Delaware in a tube. I enjoyed it so much I decided to repeat the experience this week before mother nature turns the corner in the Northeast & that river water becomes frigid!

You can check out and find out how driving past New Hope will lead you to the perfect place to plop in a tube and spend hours floating aimlessly down the river!

The water is cool and refreshing. It feels healthy and rich on your skin, hair and nails. Being in the water for hours affects your energy and mood. You can’t help letting all your mind ease into relaxation. Looking up you see the perfect sky, looking on either direction you see the green trees and ruffage that line the river and provide a perfect scape to for your journey.

Occasionally there is a very small rapid and you can stand and feel the weight and strength of the river and it’s current pressing against your body. You can feel the current pass and change playing with your body’s strengths and weaknesses as you engage and surrender in the blink of an eye. Remembering we are 80% water and the natural minerals and elements in fresh water are far superior to any shower you can you take; its best to take heed and find the ebb and flow in one of nature’s greatest healers.

The result leaves me wondering if nature people even need meditation because stress is hard to hold onto when the view is this lush and fresh! This is the kind of therapy I want for my mind, body and spirit.

The day has left me spent and ultra-refreshed and rejuvenated. I feel alive! I feel energized!



  1. Peter

    I can attest to your point that when in nature, or being a nature person, there is no need for meditation because our souls tune in with the natural beauty and the other beings who inhabit the land and water, therefore invoking a natural meditative state.

  2. Jim Spence

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