Food for Thought

What if you changed everything you ate? What if changing your food changed your whole life? What if we could drastically improve our lives simply by changing what we ate? We dare to ask, “Could this be true”? Well, let me tell you – it really is that simple.

When we change what we eat, everything changes. Everything. Food literally becomes our blood, cells, tissues, organs and muscles. But it also becomes our thoughts and emotions. That’s simply the science of food. It affects every process in our body, physically, mentally and emotionally. Is that crazy? Or does it seem to make perfect sense? Stay with me then. Follow this…

If the food we eat literally becomes a part of us, wouldn’t that make the idea of “you are what you eat” quite real? When we begin to grasp this notion and put conscious effort and thought into the process of choosing our foods, we start to realize that we really are what we eat! So what does this mean?

It can be broken down into simple concepts like: buying local and organic products to avoid putting harmful toxins into our bodies, to support not only the environment as a whole but also our personal environments (our bodies!), and to fuel our bodies with the highest quality of food possible. Given half the chance, our bodies will take care of themselves. But we need to give it that chance, starting with the very thing we do at least three times a day – eating! Most of us would not knowingly ingest the chemicals that are now abundant in our food chain – things like methanol, a well-know neurotoxin. But we do, everyday. Reading labels and buying organic can help to start the process of “cleaning up” your diet.

Maybe you can begin to explore more complex ideas like the cross-species transference which hypothesizes that cruelty to animals, during the course of their lifetime or at time of their death, can be transferred over to whichever species chooses to (or unbeknownst to them) eat them – a simple transfer of negative energy. Crazy? I think not. We all certainly have experienced this transfer of energy before – from someone that gave you a “bad vibe” or someone that is so visually broken down and depressed that your own mood begins to change when you are around them (they bring you down).

You can start with a simple idea that works for me – when you eat better, you will begin to feel better. When you feel better, you begin to live better. This makes sense, right? So take a step back (or should we say forward) next time you are at the grocery store or out to dinner and think about what food is going to make you feel better, on all different types of levels: think about where your food came from, how it has been processed, how close is it to its natural state and even think about how it has been treated. This is not a revolutionary idea, but it is evolutionary. It will help decide how we move forward in our existence. Think of where we have come in the last 75 years alone – cancer, obesity, diabetes and diseases of all types are reaching epidemic proportions. I believe it is no coincidence at all that our diets have evolved more drastically in those last 75 years than they have in our entire existence! Can you see a connection? I can.

So just think about it – food, that is. I guarantee you it will change your life. Guarantee.

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  1. Jenny R.

    Great website, I love reading through blogs and will be sure to look for updates on your site. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hives Remedy Guru

    Thanks for such an upbeat post. Love the food for thought after all “we are what we eat”. Just recently have started to increase my juicing with my champion juicer and it has given me an energy boost. My items to juice are carrots, celery, cucumber, apple and ginger:-)

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