Greenfest 2009, Moving deeper into Sustainable Living

Greenfest 2009

The Greenfest of 2009 in Philadelphia, the 4th annual festival, was a representation of how a community can help educate and expand a movement. From humble beginnings and dedicated participants the event has taken on a life of its own. Each year this event draws more people, and there, they can find information, resources and people to create more understanding and more connection in the sustainable living community. Seeing many of the same faces and companies, friends who are dedicated to promoting these ideas. When you walked through the festival you could truly feel that there is a consensus to be a part of a growing culture or movement here and globally to be more appreciative, giving and respectful of the Mother Earth.

Locally, The Urban Green Partnership helps Philadelphia in green initiatives and education. Some of the improvements I notice in Philadelphia are: individuals recycle more and it has become easier, green buildings, energy and green alternatives/programs that are popping up everywhere!

The idea of sustainability, being mindful of how and what you use effects the world which has been defined as a way of life and a mindset from which to operate your personal and professional choices from, is catching on…

Last year, we did some research and found out just how much waste we create yearly and it is horrific to think of the ramifications, think about this:

Understanding the many interconnections between economy, society and the environment is essential. We need to learn to conserve, reuse and recycle everything. There is far too much waste and excess in all parts of our living. Reducing your carbon footprint on the world is a humble yet powerful undertaking. I strive to reduce my use whenever possible.

Eventually, this should help to establish a more equal distribution of resources and opportunities that will begin to disperse throughout the land. Creating opportunities for everyone who desires to be a part of a growing movement that is moving over the Earth. This change is coming and is undeniable. We must quickly unite and move forward to ensure that we collectively give back to Mother Earth as she has always been there for us. The more we do this: the greener our Earth will be, the more healthy, happy, green our lives will be and this will be felt all over the world.

Help to move towards a more sustainable future!                            

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