Happiness Is sort of a debate at the holidays.. Some people really love the whole idea of the festivities and celebrations while others turn their noses up to the tradition of excess, presents and planned activities.

My family doesn’t live in Philadelphia; so, I usually travel to see them at the holidays and enjoy this time of year a lot. This year I went to see my mom and dad before the holidays. My dad’s family is a big family , full of great people, I don’t get to see them much because they live in Texas which makes my visits very special. My mother now lives in sunny Florida; fortunately, my mom and I have developed a close friendship and I cherish her presence in my life.

Above and beyond my personal experience and family life, I am sharing this stuff with you as a way to explain the deeper level of happiness I experienced and noticed when visiting each of these sets of family this year. It is like a well of gratitude filled up and spilled over into my heart. This observation got me thinking about my evolution.

As I grow and learn and practice the art of compassion, love and understanding I feel my time with family and friends and walking through my life is filled with a deep-rooted sense of joy I did not always experience in the past. Now, contentment and pleasure are multi-dimensional experiences that light up my soul and travel to warm my body and fill my essence with true substance.

I think the practice of yoga that includes breathing and meditation can help people to create a way to clear out the chaos and chatter of life. When you cultivate a connection to your inner self this will provide a message to your spirit. When you follow your spirit you will be lead to happiness because you are acting in accordance to your true nature. Happiness can be found in a multitiude of people, places and things;but, true happiness must begin and end in oneself. I have found my practice the most effective and predictable way to keep my spirit balanced and light. I have been really happy lately and I am really grateful! It is not to say things don’t get me down or blue! But, if I give myself a chance to flip the switch; I know just what to do to find my happiness again: pranayama, meditation and yoga.

Here’s hoping you can find your happiness too!





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