Head Massages are Divine

There are so many modalities of healing to choose from to take care of your body properly. It is actually a lot of work to keep the body healthy as you age because more and more toxins accumulate and old energy should be released daily. Even without the beginning signs of aging there are many practices you can undertake to prevent ailments and conditions that tend to occur later in life such as baldness.

Head massages, Shiro Abhyanga, are a perfect end or beginning to any day. In the Ayurvedic medicinal system from India this treatment is said to maintain health and wellness. They can be given in the traditional way massaging the shoulders, (arms, hands), neck, scalp, face and ears. Also, a scalp massage can be incorporated into a body massage or even used as part of a self-healing modality.

I have long hair and because I am active and sweat a lot I tend to pull my hair back often. Because of this constant tying of the hair and restriction I felt at times my hair had become weak and fallen out excessively. Hearing my story, my friend recommended head massage and since then I have been doing scalp massages weekly in the shower. You can find many products that will help you in stores. Or you can make your own oil with the recipe I give you at the end of my post :) .

Hair loss can result from stress, illness, poor circulation, genetics or age. Head massages are a way to prevent or restrict hair loss. Not everyone will benefit from this practice; results will depends on how far along hair loss has developed before you begin the treatments, how often you engage in this massage, how thoroughly it is undertaken and your body’s unique composition.

A healthy scalp should be encouraged from childhood and head massage techniques can be taught to calm the mind, body and spirit.

I incorporate a head massage from time to time while teaching yoga and people love it! A nice head massage provides relaxation and eliminates fatigue from mental and physical stress. Working along the top three charkas it helps put the whole body in alignment.

Other benefits of head massages are increased energy and mental clarity and better sleep. As with any new practice give yourself time to repeat the process to experience all the benefit.

There are many different herbs you can add to your oil to promote healthy hair. Such as: the essential oil of rosemary, which is invigorating for the scalp or sandalwood, which is warming. Choose one of the two since they are not good in combination. Henna helps create shiny hair. Brahmi herbs help to revitalize nerves and brain cells.

You want to gather a few items for your head massage:

  • Any kind of vegetable oil; such as: coconut, olive, almond or sesame. Sesame oil contains phosphorous and calcium that benefits the hair shaft and is the traditional oil used in India.
  • Any of the herbs that were aforementioned
  • Towel
  • Low back chair

To Begin your Head Massage:

You want to sit up tall in the chair with the spine aligned properly.

The massage starts at the top of the crown using small, circular motions with your thumbs and fingers. You can apply varied pressures finding something suitable for you. Work your way slowly down and out each side of the skull. Go back to the top of the skull and keep moving down and out until the entire skull is invigorated.

Next, you can apply pressure with the base of the palms and then massage the temporal lobes which relaxes the senses of hearing and vision.

You can pull the hair from the root upward which loosens the scalp and increases the circulation at the scalp.

Next you would work down the base of the neck on both sides.

Continue with the shoulders, warming the trapezious muscles. Then you will move out along the arms and down into the hands.

*Take your time and massage with the intention of relaxation it will greatly increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your massage.

*This can be a self-massage: you would use one hand for the opposite side at a time.

*Most treatments last about a half hour.


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