Healing Takes Time


Once you accept and realize healing of the mind, body or spirit is an interconnected and related process you can begin to see how to truly heal yourself, help others heal or heal that which needs attention in relationships. Therefore, we must not rush the healing process.

How many times have you been injured and then begun to live your “normal” life again only to fall back into the injured state or hurt something else as a result of your weakened state? Or ignored signs in relationships that might have allowed you to work things out before they were unrepairable? How long can you feel “not so great ” internally or externally before you do something about it?

We could look at wounds as blessings. This is a different kind of mentality and one that might not make sense at the beginning of moving from injured or hurt to well. But, wellness is a journey and not a destination just like life. If we have patience for the mind, body, and spirit when they are not well then we can learn how we are changing and transforming with each new experience good, bad and indifferent.

Once we are feeling off balance, isolated, injured, depressed, repressed, lonely, angry, sad or fearful we have an opportunity to go within. If we start to look at the cause and effect then we can make sense of our experience and reaction. There may or may not be a reason for everything that happens to us but we can choose to look at these experiences for the valuable lessons they provide us on our way.

I recently hurt my back and am on the mend. My body is “talking” to me and I am choosing to listen to it. I am caring for my back because it is necessary and important that I give it the love, support and attention it demands. I do not want to spend the rest of my life in back pain. I made a choice to listen, learn and act in a way to facilitate my healing path. Some might ignore the signs, not accept the seriousness of the incident or convince themselves there is no problem or blame or hate or be miserable due to their misfortune.

When something happens to you in one area of your life it can be a signal for something else. I try to find the relationship between the different facets of the self and life to fit them together so they may work more efficiently, openly and honestly in my total existence.

I look to my back injury I might be able to trace this to other parts of my world that were calling to me but I was too busy to hear. Stopping what is your routine, changing the way you think, act or live takes lots of time, patience, determination, love, respect and honesty.

If you cannot be honest with where you are, how you got there and how you want things to be then you cannot change with any real effect. I look at changing as healing. I change the way I lift heavy objects because I hurt my back. I change the way I feel when I Iook at the sunshine. I change the way I look at life when someone dies. I change the way I look at people differently when some one helps or hurts me. I look in my eyes to see that I am alive inside even when life gets hard.



  1. Becky

    I am just learning that healing of the mind, body or spirit is interconnected and related. After going to work complaining of headaches and muscle aces (almost daily), a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Sha’s “Soul Power Series” books. I especially loved “Soul Communication,” and know that I will love “The Power of Soul,” scheduled to come out in January. I found that just thinking differently and doing various exercises has made me feel so much better! It is amazing!

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