How do Michael Jackson and Yoga relate?


Balance              Letting Go            Living in the Present            Breathing              Focus              Peace

Happiness               Relaxation                         Energy                    Strength           Flexibility

These are invaluable tools, let’s call them assets that some people, even the most rich and famous, may or may not ever receive or find in their lifetime. If you practice yoga long enough you will be able to access these assets on your own.

It is really disturbing to think about the lack of sanity, music produced, performances and his tumultuous lifestyle in the last 15 years because Michael Jackson was one of the greatest talents. Hearing him sing the old classics were like heaven & earth syncing and riding on the high-speed train to ecstasy. You could dance and sing to his songs anywhere, anytime. His voice, music and movement were seamless, effervescent and full of magic! Not many people on this earth are blessed with as much talent as he was so fortunate to have bestowed upon him.

That being said, what makes a life peaceful and fulfilling possible? We are not able to choose our family or life circumstances as we enter this life. Many times we never transcend them for the sake of ourselves.

Feeling trapped, burdened, uncomfortable, unstable, angry, jealous, hurt, fearful, anxious, overwhelmed as a result of what we experienced that was so traumatic that we may never escape or overcame the circumstances that we felt were beyond our control.

I am living proof that yoga can empower such a change. It was so hard in the beginning and never a day goes by I am not reminded some way of my painful past that haunts me. In every way, I am, like everybody else, the person I am today because of what happened in my past. You cannot help that. In fact, if you do not make peace with it and let it go; it can destroy you. In Michael Jackson’s case I believe this happened to him. He was a victim of his own life and legacy. Not able to move beyond what occurred in his youth or what became of his life as an adult. He was not able to take control, to dig deeper, to rise above, to get the right help, to reach out, to make changes he needed to survive his own life and even find peace and happiness.

What devastation for anybody to feel and live in and especially when you are so talented and have so many opportunities. In many ways famous people serve as an example for those of us who live in a different fashion but carry the same light.

Yoga has been my salvation and the catalyst to change, growth and evolution of my being. Yoga is a healing art. Yoga has the ability to help you heal your mind, body and spirit. The benefits of yoga continue to exceed any other activity I have ever experienced in life.

It is a powerful tool to incorporate into your life to become more whole, free and in tune with yourself and the world.

Today, we send out a big Aum, a vibration of peace and harmony in honor of Michael Jackson and all those that suffer and hope that they find a way to serve their soul so that they may prosper in happiness, health and spirit.



*The Recording Academy — the people behind The Grammys: “Rarely has the world received a gift with the magnitude of artistry, talent and vision as Michael Jackson. He was a true musical icon whose identifiable voice, innovative dance moves, stunning musical versatility and sheer star power carried him from childhood to worldwide claim. A 13-time Grammy recipient, Michael’s career transcends musical and cultural genres, and his contributions will always keep him in our hearts and memories. We are deeply saddened by this tragic news, and our hearts go out to his family and to music lovers around the globe who mourn this great loss.”-Neil Portnow, CEO/President, The Recording Academy

  1. Peñafrancia Fiesta Military Parade

    i could say that Michael Jackson is a living legend when it comes to pop music. he would be surely missed by most of us.

  2. Barbara

    Ho I wish Michael had found peace with yoga…
    I will miss him forever…

  3. Jemmah

    I practice Yoga at home mainly for the purpose of having a relax mind and body. Stress is really high on our workplace and yoga helps me relax.

  4. Jimmy

    I started taking Yoga lessons last month and i am amazed of how it can take away the stress of my mind and body.

  5. Kember

    it is easy to learn Yoga although it seems difficult at first try. I practice Yoga mainly for relaxation and for improving my blood circulation.

  6. Sheila May

    Michael Jackson would always be the King of Pop. He is one of the greatest figures in the pop music industry and we will never forget about him

  7. Sand Sock Girl

    Michael Jackson will always be treasured. May you rest in peace MJ.

  8. Gregory Zhu

    What is with these odd comments? Although me. How do you obtain the content for your articles? I have a blog also and have hard time to find something to blog about something people would find exciting to read and participate in the site. Well, hit me back if you have some guidance.

  9. Stephanie

    What do you mean odd comments?

    Writing comes from the heart. You back it up with knowledge, references and opinions. Practice that what you want to be & you will become it.
    Peace & Light :)

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