Jack LaLanne, an Inspiration for Health & Fitness!

Jack LaLanne was born in September of 1914 only leaving his body earlier this week to, hopefully, rest in peace. What a tremendous inspiration to all of us who want to be healthy and fit throughout our lifetimes! We will miss your vivacious attitude & vigor!

At age 60 he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat. At age 70, handcuffed, shackled again, he towed 70 boats, carrying a total of 70 people, a mile and a half through Long Beach Harbor.  He ate two meals a day and shunned snacks.

Here are some notable excerpts from an interview at age 91:

*Jack LaLanne: You have to work at living, period. You’ve got to train like you are training for an athletic event. Most older people just give up. They think, “I’m too old for that,” because they have an ache here or a pain there. Life is a pain in the butt; you’ve got to work at it!

*Interviewer: You advocate holistic medicine, don’t you?

Jack LaLanne: Absolutely. Even doctors are accepting it more now. I say stick with Mother Nature as much as possible. Herbs are great. I will say that doctors are doing a lot of wonderful things with some of these medications, and they really help some terminally ill people, but too many rely on that. You know, people over eat and they don’t exercise and they get fat. Then they go to the doctor and they want a shot to make them healthy. It doesn’t work that way. Everybody wants a shortcut, but there are no shortcuts. I wish there were. You see some of these commercials, 3 minutes a day is all you need. Oh brother! I wish it was that simple. __

Interviewer: What is the maximum that the human body is designed to live?

Jack LaLanne: At least 120, maybe up to 150. Every 10 or so years, the average life expectancy goes up 2–3 years. It’s up to around 76 now. In the past it was only 50 or even 40. Look at how many people are living to be 100 now; that’s nothing. You know, I can’t afford to die—it would be bad for my image!

Interviewer: Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Jack LaLanne: Anything in life is possible, if you make it happen. Help the most important person on this earth: YOU.

Mr. LaLanne endorsed himself, products and his calling into his final years. The most exciting thing was he still spoke with optimism and promoted an active and fit life!

Interview by Dennis Hughes, Share Guide Publisher

Watch this: Jack Lalanne – Fingertip Pushups

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