Karmic Healing: Exploring Past Lives Workshop with Djuna Wojton

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This week a friend shared an opportunity with me to meet Djuna Wojton, a past life regressionist, astrologer, writer, reiki master, healer, belly dancer and much more. Djuna gathered people together for a Karmic Healing: Exploring Past Lives Workshop. I am always open to trying new modalities that develop and work with the mind, body and spirit. I feel like all the “work” reinforces other learning’s and you never know what “work” might have profound or an immense effect on you.

Most people admit to having a curiosity as to what past life regression is and what exactly that meant. This is an area I never really explored before; so, I signed up for the workshop. We were told to bring a notebook, mat or blanket, and a pillow.

There were nine people there: some had been working with Djuna for a time and others that had not met her. We all sat in a circle and Djuna explained about how past life regression worked in theory. She explained that we have a soul body and an ego body. The soul body is eternal and the ego body “we choose” each time we reincarnate.

Djuna explains that our astrological chart is like a roadmap and shows how our celestial makeup is the source of why we embody many different characteristics. She reminds us that our astrological chart is directly affected by the planetary rotation. This movement triggers karmic seeds, which are the nature of our make up. These seeds serve as signals that begin to play out as dramas that stem from unresolved past lives. How interesting! Djuna uses the world as an example of how karmic seeds are creating a huge state of crisis and that this is really an opportunity for growth.

She begins to describe the process and what we will expect. Her manner is very calm, pleasant and peaceful. She has been working in this realm for 30 years and has helped many people move through some of their karmic issues to live more harmoniously in their lives, to heal, and accomplish more.

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We open up our mats, lay on our pillows, get in a comfortable position and she begins to guide us into relaxation. From relaxation she takes us into our past by “getting on a train”. When we get out of the train we begin to connect to our past life. We are asked by Djuna to recall in our own minds: who, what, where, when, how things had happened. Wedecipher a spiritual lesson and review our death. Slowly, we” get back on the train” and return to our current life.Awakening, peaceful and relaxed. I was feeling the light and energy that was created together and separately.

We shared our experiences as a group. Some people had clear visions, some flashes, some unsure of what was happening and it was hard to trust these visions. Personally, I did not feel ready to get off the train and begin my work nor did I feel like I had a clear connection to the signals that would let me know what my past life had been like. I felt a bit like I was grasping for straws as I shared my experience. My friend said she felt a similar feeling. I guess when you are going back in time; to a place, a life you have never been before it can feel a bit disjointed and unfamiliar.

Reflecting on the experience I realize it has opened a part of me I want to learn more about and continue my work with Djuna. I can see how this work could create a clearer connection and a deeper understanding of who I really am so I may embrace all parts of me and continue to thrive and grow as fully as possible in this lifetime.

If you would like to work with Djuna one on one, go to a workshop or buy her book, Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health and Happiness. Please find her here: http://www.djunaverse.com

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    My aunty just got diagnosed with a brain tumor – our health is so important. Thank you for a such a thought provoking read.

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