Listening to an Angel Sing

Music can move and inspire you! Some very lucky people have the voice of angels; and then, others are lucky enough just to hear them sing!41nc81v5e7l_aa240_.jpg

In the holiday spirit a friend and I went to check out Maire Brennan of Clannad. Her song, I Will Find You, was featured in the movie, The Last of the Mohicans. Two brothers backed her: one on harp and the other on acoustic guitar. Maire plays harp and drum too. It’s not often I get the opportunity to sit 15 ft from two harp players and a woman who sounds like an angel.

By off chance, because I like to expose myself to all different types of music and culture, we chose to see this woman. I knew I would listen to more Celtic music this night than ever before in my lifetime. That was just fine because have you ever been to dinner at Serrano’s and then a show at the Tin Angel? You and your friend/s should check it out. The food is authentic, warm & satisfying. The menu is American bistro w/daily specials. Extra points were earned for jalapeno, garlic and cheese soup! I would have licked the bowl!

The Tin Angel is a small and quaint place to see music. Maire said she felt she was in someone’s living room. The audience and the performers were more connected and aware of the human side of another being than a usual concert. I could feel each performer’s energy and their relationship to music and the other performers.

I especially liked both observing their dynamics, visually and spiritually, as people and as musicians. I would watch them play and sing and then I would close my eyes and feel the sweet music and energy they created through the sounds of their instruments and voices. I gave this experience my full attention and breathed in and out of it to internalize it and allow their energy to become partly mine. It made me more aware of the idea that performers take in our energy as audience members too.

The sound of her soft yet deep, gentle but strong, lilting and passionate voice was timeless and priceless. The beautiful and constant harmony of the harps and guitar making ancient music feel both old and new in the same moment. I remember wondering how do you adequately explain or quantify the magnitude of such experiences. I think you hold them in your memory bank and those angelic forces speak to you when you most need them to help pick you back up. Focusing to the positive and being grateful for all experiences every chance we get a moment.


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