Live, Raw Foods & Yoga (in NYC) Everyday, Anywhere!

Two weeks ago I went up to New York City and attended the Yoga and Raw Food Expo by New Life. It was a good opportunity for me to further my knowledge of why we should eat raw foods and living foods. Also, I got to take a few yoga classes. I do have to say once in a while, it is nice to practice and learn yoga without having to teach.

Anyway, I do my best at eating healthy all the time. It is no doubt different for each person how natural and how much raw or organic food they eat on the path of healthy eating in their own lives. For me it has been a process of getting healthier and making better choices gradually. I did not notice the changes at first; but, after you adopt these choices as a constant and they become part of your life style the benefits of eating this way are undeniably received by each person.

The Benefits of Eating Raw/ Organic/Live Foods can be:

• Feel Lighter
• Having More Energy
• Feel Better
• Heal the Body
• Boost the Immune System
• More in sync with the Environment
• Create a Connection to the body so that it speaks to you about what type of foods it needs.

It is hard to eat organic or even fresh food for a lot of people. It is another task to fulfill in your weekly chores. To eat fresh food weekly might send you to the store 1-3 times a week. Some people can’t find the time, the resources of money or choices to get to the “right” food choices. I often find eating organic hard and expensive. I would like to increase the percentage of organic food I eat daily. I probably eat 30-50% organic on a weekly basis. I do better when I visit local farmer’s markets. Although there are a lot of them around Philadelphia I still can’t seem to make a lot of them regularly. So, I sympathize with everyone’s hardship on the path of organic, raw, healthy food eating and realize there is no other solution other than to “just do it.”

Raw foodies tend to eat 75-100% of their food uncooked, un-processed and organic. Most are total vegans and others are raw vegetarians (meaning they can eat a portion of fish, eggs and dairy).

Eating food in their original, un-heated state means the food is raw and alive. Live foods contain a wide range of vital life foce nutrients in them. Live foods provide: live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and amino acids. All of these properties are ones that the body needs for the proper maintenance of human bodily functions.

It is definitely recommended you research the foods you would like to consume for nutritional content and food sensitivities. It is NOT recommended to completely “go raw” at one time and it IS recommended to go see a nutritionist or teacher that will help you transition safely and healthily.

While I was at the Expo I went to a lecture with Brenda Cobbs of the Living Foods Institute. In 1999 Brenda was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. She healed herself without radiation, chemotherapy or surgery and now dedicates her life to helping others. She spoke about how right mental thinking, emotional healing and to nourish the body at a deep cellular level, reverse aging and detoxify the body through organic, raw foods.

Hopefully, you will encourage and challenge yourself to incorporate more live, organic foods in your daily diet and feel the many benefits of a rich, diverse, fresh plant- based diet. I am with you though; it takes effort!

Here is a Juicing Recipe:

1 Large Mango
1 Ripe Banana
4 Strawberries
2 Tbspn Flaxseed
2 Tbspn Coconot Shavings or Coconut Milk
6 Ice Cubes
1 Cup of Milk or Water

Serves 2

  1. Kevin

    Greetings………what is meant by the term “organic”? In High School, I remeber organic was a term used to described items that contained the elment carbon. My guess is that eating organic food items has a different meaning…….please enlighten me!

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