Living a Mindful Life

In the right state of mind with the right light of day you can sense that you are at peace & harmony within and around you. Clarity and ease in every thing you see, do, speak or touch. This lightness of being is an incredible state of enlightenment that permeates your world and makes it a magical life. This might be the result of living a Mindful Life.

How do we get there, how do we stay there and is there a special formula for this state of being? In reality there is no magic; unfortunately, bringing peace, clarity and simplicity to all parts of your life will take most of us some time. You can start by paying more attention in these places:

Being mindful of the way that you think.

Being Mindful of the way you speak.

Being Mindful of the way you act.

In every aspect of your life you can bring awareness and consciousness to your “habits” or ways of “being” and approach rounding out the edges or repaving the roads that are created through years of being less focused on the brilliance or shining ability of your mind, body and spirit.

How to create a life practice that can help you attain a mindful life?

You might try writing a list of how you would want your life to be in a state of heightened mindfulness. Then, make a list of all the things you think are least mindful or conscious habits or ways of being. By doing this you can see what in your life is holding you back or casting a shadow over your light. You might think of it as adding certain things and subtracting others to create harmony.

Things to consider incorporating into your life:

• Meditation

• Reading Spiritual Books

• Practice Yoga or Eastern Exercise Form

• Eating Whole and Natural Foods

• Refraining from Excess of Everything

• Wearing comfortable, natural clothes

• Having Silence in part of your day

• Observing what kind of music you are listening to and possibly incorporating peaceful sounds/music in your day

• Observing what kind of shows you are viewing and making sure they are not full of violence, obscenities and vulgar behavior. (You can still watch a little reality TV if you need it.)

• Get good quality rest

• Talk with friends about your improved or new outlook and philosophy; trying to enlist them to support you and possibly incorporate these elements in their own life.

• Being able to monitor yourself in your life and correct the places you know you want to improve or change.

Rome wasn’t created in a day so try not to judge or become frustrated if things are not going exactly as you wish. Just as it took a while to become less than mindful it will take a while to be “living a Mindful Life.”

Build upon the small moments of mindfulness. Recognize and appreciate the areas of your life you are mindful and then fill in the gap to become more complete. Acknowledging change and your desire for it is excellent as you continue on your path to becoming more aware, conscious and mindful of all that you are and do in your life.

  1. dlysen

    Hi Stephanie, Mindful life is sometimes stressful if not guided. You are right that there is something to consider. Its good “Living a Mindful Life” into practice and make it a habit.

  2. Stephanie

    Hi Dylsen! Staying in mindfulness can avoid getting overtaken by stress, anxiety & we know life is CraZy!! I see you have plenty of good things to say on your blog too! Nice of you to visit! Namaste*

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