Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Yoga at the Art Museum

Photography by Joanne Posse 2

Make a difference by Coming Out on May 16, 2010, Sunday,  at 8:30 – 12:30 to the Art Museum.

Practice yoga for the benefit of those who need your support to manage, heal and overcome breast cancer!!!!

5/16-  8:30am registration. The yoga practice begins at 9:30am. Yes, I know it is early!

But, It is an amazing ENERGY FILLED  event!!! Imagine 600 people: some who have breast cancer, some who are in remission, some who’s family or friends who have been affected by breast cancer or others, like me, who want to show their love and support.  It is a great event & lots of fun!!!!!

Totally Zen wants you to Help Show Your Support as a Team!

Totally Zen has signed up to organize other people to come together for a Very Worthy Cause!!!

Please sign up at the following link to be a part of the Totally Zen Team. We will meet at the Art Museum & practice yoga together as a team and part of a larger WHOLE to HELP OTHERS IN NEED!!!

I plan to give away TOTALLY ZEN  t-shirts to those who join the team. I will contact you once I receive notice from LBBC that you have registered. I will get your size and color preference.

I am willing to OFFER 100 PEOPLE a FREE T-SHIRT!!

PS. -It would be GREAT to SEE YOU WEAR the TZ t-shirt the day of the event!

If you cannot make it, PLEASE DONATE at this site to help Totally Zen reach their fundraising goal:

See who else donated and joined the team:


Photography by Joanne Posse 3Photography by Joanne Posse

  1. Conley

    Hi Stephanie,

    You can sign me up for the team. I don’t see a place here to do that.
    But I’m a wimp, so I will not be there “rain or shine.” I will be there “shine.”

    I’m sending a donation, via paper and snail mail.


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