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Live Your Dream 2

Ahh. Returning to something you love after a hiatus can be challenging. It’s been one month since I wrote a blog post. Although I do truly love blogging I found it a little hard to sit down for the first few days and dig in to my old routine. Isn’t it strange that anything new or old you lose connection with can be hard to return to after the absence that separates you from someone or something?

I wanted a blog for so long and it took so much effort to create the “right” home for Developing my ideas, doing the work, being professional, working with other like-minded individuals, creating the path in pursuit of my goals and follow through were all very important for this or any project to succeed. My vision,, was launched nearly two years ago.
I have been blogging weekly and have barely skipped a week . :-)

Currently, I have been working SO HARD and HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! Returning to another dream I once worked really hard at but temporarily abandoned without being fulfilled. The dream is being involved in the entertainment industry. Truth be known since I was three years old I dreamt of being a “star”. Did you know we are all just stars? Yes, universal energy compounded into one vital mass until our star power leaves our soul and we move on to another realm.

Anyway, I did not immediately pursue my childhood dream and for a while didn’t know what to “become” when I got older. Not feeling satisfied, I searched and searched and found my path of self- realization and actualization. Eventually, I become educated and excited about this journey and I realized I wanted to apply this knowledge to help others find their way more peacefully, happily and healthier through their own journey.

In the meantime, I realized I could combine this beneficial cause with another unfulfilled childhood vision. Hence, Totally Zen and Stephanie Churchill embody the helping, healing soul who may someday see her DREAM become a REALITY. I certainly have worked, sacrificed and not given up for a long time to be fit for this task. Then, just when I was not sure what my next move and I pondered how I was ever going to get to my final destination I ran into an unexpected opportunity.

No Joke Productions is an independent production company originally focusing on special FX and can build you any kind of set you want. Executive Producer and owner of No Joke Productions, Jeffrey A Cox, is a talented, driven, charismatic entrepreneur and has 19 years of hands-on production experience in the motion picture and television industry. In the last two years Jeff has been transitioning into full television production projects. His work is exceptional!

Jeff sees Totally Zen as I see it existing as in this world. As a lifestyle, health, wellness, natural living, conscious, engaging, adventurous, fun and energetic entity that brings its best to you! Helping you heal, grow, transform and evolve through sharing my experiences, knowledge and passion with you. Jeff and I work well together and have been spending a lot of time creating a development piece for television. It will be amazing to share this part of my journey that manifests my dreams and lets them come ALIVE!!!

Destiny is calling and I am working overtime.. Wish Me Luck.                  Live Your Dream 3

  1. bob sangerman

    Hi Stephanie,

    It was nice to have unexpectantly run into you yesterday in the rain
    in Springfield.

    I really hope that you do achieve all you desire. It gives me great joy to see others who have a passion and zest for living.

    I enjoyed the blog just written and will continue to track your journey.

    Take care,


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