Making a Goddess Pregnancy Fitness Video

GPV Making

This is my friend Kimberly Garrison. Kim is a personal trainer, fitness column writer and fitness expert in and around Philadelphia. She is pregnant; so, we decided it would be fun to make a unique, relaxing and challenging fitness routine for all new moms to be and post pregnancy moms!

We will offer our own twist on a pregnancy fitness video. This video celebrates the goddess in all females; but, is especially geared towards the ones who have taken their fertile flower and created a new seed.

The video will play out as such: I will lead us in a meditation segment. Then, engage our mind, bodies and spirits in the pregnancy yoga routine suitable for all three trimesters of a pregnancy. Finally, Kim will lead us in a high-spirited strength training segment that will use the fitness balls and hand weights to work the whole body. We feel this video will provide a nice blend of activities and have enough variation that you will stay excited as we are about it!

I thought spending some time in meditation for pregnant people can help them remain healthy and clear. Another meditation that can be useful is using the breath as a bond between new moms and their babies. Lastly, learning and practicing the birthing breath is a necessary step to prepare for in pregnancy.

Remember that when you are pregnant everything you think, feel and eat is transferred to your baby. It is ultra important to try and manage your stress, get plenty of sleep, eat the right foods and amount of liquids and try and stay supple and strong!

Breathing meditations practiced in a yoga class may become essential during labor! Additional benefits pregnant women can gain from practicing yoga are: relief from back pain, nausea and increased stamina. Yoga is a low-impact exercise which will help expectant moms to stay in shape. The exercise balls and hand weights are perfect ways to provide some support and structure to free weights. Keeping the weight low is a safe practice during pregnancy!

Our video will be ready for market in the following months. There is still a lot to do: editing, packaging, photos and original music. It’s an exciting, creative cumbersome undertaking made with heart and soul straight from us to you!

In pregnancy there a lot of considerations to become mindful before engaging in any fitness routine and talking to the doctor before you start is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

Here’s an article Kim wrote about pregnancy and fitness:

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