Making the most of Life’s Ups and Downs


I think it is safe to say no one is excluded from the cyclical nature of life’s turns. I know from my life experience that you can never know what a day will present you. At the root of it all can be the very way you feel on a day-to-day basis.

The daily challenge of controlling one’s own emotional chemistry can be a feat. The idea of waking up in a mood or feeling a certain way can dictate how you act and how you deal with daily events. In writing this article I have just been encouraged to reflect on my own repertoire of daily moods. I think in general my mood is consistently pleasant, good; but, energy levels tend to dictate how expressive and engaged I am in interacting with others. Then, I think about recent challenges and realize my mood is definitely influenced by what is happening in my world and that it does affect me and weigh on me.

So, how do we prepare for a multitude of people, events, challenges questions and situations at a moments notice in time?

For example, I have been trying to make sense of a growing number of difficulties in the creation of my vision Totally Zen. There are so many different people and skill sets that have to be addressed and coordinated in getting a business idea to develop and work in tandem. It can be overwhelming, disappointing, frustrating and then again it can be exciting, energizing and gratifying. All these feelings and much, much more that you must go through to get through every day of the week, month, year. How to deal with it all?

I know as a person I have grown so much more even and balanced in mood, energy and behaviors through the years since I have been practicing and teaching yoga; as well as, studying Daoism and Buddhism philosophy and integrating more healing and natural living into my life. I still see a need for improvement in other areas. I am committed to the idea of continual improvement as a part of life’s work.

From the simple tasks and conversations to the more intense and engaging ones I see growth in my behavior. So, how do we as people monitor our selves and address areas of weakness while still allowing ourselves to feel free and open in the world?

For me, I have found that yoga and the act of breathing or meditation, breathing without thought, is vital to my ability to be able to openly and honestly assess what is really going on in my life and between other people in my life. The funny thing is that sometimes it is not apparent and it takes time to move into the answer. Of course, life is perpetually changing and the answers must change. Just like yoga is a moving meditation so is life. Finding your rhythm and sticking with the practice of seeking, discovering and integrating all the aspects that make up a full life is so gratifying.

Cultivating balance and patience, focus and strength while holding or moving through postures seems like a funny way to improve one’s life; but, in fact through time that is just what I have found to be true.

I am happy to have yoga to turn to at times when I cannot find the answer on my own. It is something special to reflect on one’s situation’s and relationships and give it some time and thought, move away from it, practice yoga or meditation and slowly, carefully begin to progress through life in a more positive, focused way.

And when you find yourself going through the ups and downs of life maybe some of my own ideas can help you to process your own set of challenges.


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