Meditation, Part III in the Five Yoga Fundamentals Series

Monk's Meditation


Meditation is the next layer you add to a yoga practice once you have found posture and breathing. Building a yoga practice bit by bit takes hard work, just like anything you really want to succeed at in life. Indeed, yoga is a life skill and in this hectic world we live in meditation can be as essential as yoga. They compliment each other; but in yoga the real work does not begin until you learn how to meditate because then you can tap into the internal and external energy. It is my deep belief that if everyone meditated there would be a lot less hostility in our world. This is how powerful, transformational and critical meditation can be to your health and happiness and everyone else’s.

Moments of time connected by nothing but breath & clear presence are the crux of meditation. Finding things you might have lost along the way we engage in meditation to reconnect to the source. Deep relaxation can be achieved by participating in a regular practice of meditation. Awareness to the self and others can be cultivated by means of meditation.

When we were babies we had no constant ticker tape of thoughts trailing our every move. We had no information highway, bills, business, relationship woes, concerns or considerations. As we get older the chips start to stack and the pile gets so large just thinking of it can raise your blood pressure, make you sweat, frown, curse and sometimes a lot worse. Just think of all the tragic abuse and killings we hear about every day in every corner of the world.

Meditation helps you regain your center so that all these problems become manageable and approachable. You can take action instead of get stuck in stress of many types; like: fear, anxiety, worry, anger and other more negative emotions.

How do we learn to meditate?                                               Sitting in Center

It starts with your breath in a quiet place and an intention to build breath energy without thought. (Refer to the breathing post from 7/3.)

Once you learn how to deep breathe in a constant, cyclical manner you have begun the rhythm or energy.
To transform this energy, which is your breath into clear and positive white light. 

People suggest many different types of concentration and awareness tools:

Some people like to chant, others like to visually see the breath as white light, another method is connecting to the sensation that is your breath. Focusing on a point outside the self or within the self are still other forms of meditation. I began by counting the breath because it is hard for thoughts to enter in your mind when you are counting.

Don’t try too hard and do not get discouraged. I did not learn to meditate for about two years. It depends on your concentration and focus, your openness and effort, your intention and desire.

Start with nine deep breaths without thought once, twice or three times a day. Later you can sit, lie or walk in meditation for longer periods. Build your meditation strength and skill as you would any other learned skill or behavior.


Ultimately, your goal is to return and join with universal conscious-ness, the divine power, a higher force that exists around you and within you. The One that helps you elevate your level of consciousness so that the “little things” that used to alter your mood or behavior are now more manageable because you have a tool to feed you that true power. Eventually, this leads to peace and contentment.






  1. Richard

    Interesting article. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand both traditionally and in our observable experience. That is when we have a meditation practice it feeds into our yoga practice and vice versa. Personally I like to stay with current experience. It may be an ultimate goal to experience universal consciousness, but what I can actually know now is this breath and this movement. For me (slow learner/old) that is enough!

    best wishes,

  2. Heather F. Green

    Yoga is a fort and powerful massage to your body, ejecita position and rehabilitates all the muscles of your body and mind, for this reason is due to practice most frequently this meditation to have major health. By this my advice it is practices Yoga and Meditaton.

  3. | body detox

    i am currently enrolled in a Yoga class. the health benefits of Yoga on myself is great. I am more relaxed and i can sleep well at night.

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