More Truth Will Set You Free


More Truth Will Set You Free is a Transformational Healing workshop. I attended a session this week in Philadelphia that was facilitated by Toby Lerner. Toby is one of my yoga students, I have always been surprised by how connected and vocal she is about her connections to the light we cultivate in yoga practice and now I understand why.

One day after yoga, I saw this symbol Toby wears on a chain fall out of her shirt. I stopped her and asked her what it was she was wearing. The answers to that question lead me to the workshop.

Toby has been studying for two years under Derek O’Neill founder of SQ Wellness. He is her teacher and trainer. She is a certified practitioner and has now begun to step out and teach the workshop as a service to others. “Because service to man is service to G-d.” She told us that she feels she needs to reveal more about her spiritual side and nurture and develop its presence in her life.

The SQ Wellness system is “founded on the five human values of : Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, and Non-Violence.” ” SQ Wellness can enable you to transform yourself spiritually, personally, and professionally and bring more self awareness into your life.”

“More Truth Will Set You Free workshops are a life changing event. The goal is to show you how to access your untapped potential, change things for the better, and discover how it all works in the mind, body and spirit. You will learn how old programs and beliefs keep you trapped and how to change these beliefs and programs with real healing techniques. You won’t be surprised at what you learn from these workshops, you will be transformed.”

Through this workshop Toby used stories, music, meditation and readings to invoke and reveal ourself to ourselves. The beautiful and powerful thing about healing is that it can happen and you can feel it happening in your mind, body and spirit. The road to spirit, the journey of healing and the path of transformation is a long one. It is continuous and changing if you want it to be lasting in effects and intensity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Toby’s guidance and channeling of the healing spirit through her Masters system’s and traditions. It was truly a gift to share in the energy and force field that was present there for our time together. I felt my meditation growing deep and almost unwilling to come back from the place she helped me to reach in my meditation. This proved to me that her system was engaging and meaningful. I do believe and many others have said it is practice that is the key to tapping into this place within yourself that has the ability to unlock all that we hold on to that prevents love and light in our lives.

The end of the workshop finds you and the others learning how to draw the Prema Agni. It is a symbol that comes directly from the Masters. It contains several healing symbols whether implied or literally represented within its structure: the God’s head, the culmination of the five elements, the heart, Om, Ankh, The Lightening Bolt, The Caduceus, the cross, the Hindu Swastika, the Seal of Solomon, the Karmic Wheel of Life, the human figure and the five pointed star.           

“As you can imagine it is a perfect mandala to meditate on to open your heart center. Because when you open your heart to let love flow IN and OUT true healing. The symbol can be drawn on the back at the heart chakra and then the right hand is placed on the heart chakra and the left is placed on the left shoulder. Then repeat to yourself, ” Prema Agni, Prema Agni, Prema Agni.””

Luckily, Toby will continue to teach these workshops and you can email her for more information and schedules at                                                    

ALL QUOTED MATERIAL was provided by  SQ Wellness system.


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