Music and Friends Feed the Soul, Summer Music Festival Season is Alive and Kicking!

New friends, old friends can share in the sounds that fill you up and make you alive. That’s what I experienced when the hippie band from Athens, Georgia, Widespread Panic, rolled through town to bestow their gifts and spirits upon us Philadelphians.

What an unexpected pleasure I had when a friend invited me last minute to the Widespread Panic show at the Festival Pier, better yet, with a group of his friends that are dedicated to their Panic! The Festival Pier on the right night (when it is cool, clear and breezy) is magical! The moon overhead and a few stars in the sky while the Ben Franklin Bridge creates a passageway to your imagination and you may even catch some fireworks.


The setting, the type of music and people who attend and play at a WP show allows its listeners to embrace their creativity and freedom through good vibes, dance and union. There is a definite community and following that creates the foundation for the shows. A strong, loyal fan base that knows exactly what they will get if they venture to a show and they crave it! 


It was the first show for me and it felt like the music tapped into my spirit and struck oil. I am so lucky the way music moves me in such a deep way that is so engaging. I enjoy music to its fullest! Allowing the dance and rhythm to take me places within and outside myself that I can forget to visit going about my busy day.

It helps when Widespread Panic creates an environment that builds the energy like masterminds working the crowd to and fro, up and down. Taking them to that high point and then chilling them out until they let you really have it! Contained, happy madness erupts and a good time is had by all!

And so the music continued to play in my mind and my spirit danced through a yoga class the next morning and onto another concert Sunday.

Already feeling lifted and blessed I opened myself to the singer songwriters that crafted a bevy of offerings for all that attended WXPN’s Music Festival. It was my first XPoNential Music Festival and I had wanted to become a member of the station for ages. Finally, I made it happen that Sunday anxiously giving them my money as a small token of all the happiness they provide me day after day, alone or with friends. In fact, the djs & musicians become your friends and companions without knowing them at all!

If you cannot find this wealth of richness and beauty as you listen to music I suggest you play around with the dial, let your intuition guide you to the station you feel best tuned into and then close your eyes and take it all in. Whether you sit still or dance around -the spirit feels the vibrations wash over it and a gift has been given in that simple moment.

GOOD KARMA POINTS  ..If you listen to the station then why don’t you make a pledge too?


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