NewLife Expo, in NYC, provides a great service to its people!

I attended and exhibited at the NewLife Expo in New York City recently. My experience the entire weekend has left an impression of spirit, warmth and energy in my heart and soul. There were thousands of people visiting the expo and having the opportunity to tune up their mind, body or spirit. There was an array of some very lovely, gifted, hard working: body workers, healers, psychics, nutritionists, energy healers, masters, minister, priestess and many I did not get a chance to discover this time at the expo.

Newlife Magazine and Expos must be the natural evolution to Mark Becker’s Yoga practice and studio. He founded Serenity Natural Healing Center in 1975. This was New York’s first non- religious yoga studio. I don’t know him personally but he seems to have realized his vision of providing wellness, spirituality, health and alternative medicine and healing opportunities to both the patrons of such modules and the providers of these expertise, over and over again. I saw many people working together with others to ensure they felt understood, engaged and treated as, and to, the best all weekend long.

I met some very interesting people and healers. Su Jok Therapy fascinated me; Su Jok is a Korean acupuncture form. Joad Puttermilech was there personally and gave me a powerful treatment, Carla Tara,, impressed me as an accomplished tantric healer was a fiery yet feminine yogi and tantric counselor. Also, fun and sincere didgeridoo players and healers, Tyler Sussman and AJ Block also gave me a treatment, I met Sufi, a holy man from Indiana who recently came to Philadelphia to open a Sufi school. We have become friends and will collaborate together to bring information and light to those in our sphere. Check back later this week to find a blog post by Sufi,

I saw so many people who looked satisfied and enlightened by the experience it definitely made a positive impact on me. I felt the energy in the hotel as you approach and walking around the show you can see the energy being created first hand. It is amazing how you can feel the energy build and fill you up simply from physically being present in this shared space. NewLife Expo succeeded in transforming a regular hotel into a wellness pyramid.

There were definitely a multitude of wellness options for those that are familiar with healing or who want to discover the beauty of taking better care of your self in mind, body and spirit!

Look for the next show Yoga and Raw Expo in May 29th -31st, Hotel New Yorker. Totally Zen will be out and about taking in all the health food and yoga information and participating in all the breathing and feasting we can get to in three short days.                              

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