NEWLIFE Expo-Mind, Body , Spirit-Spring 2010

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Your Health is Your Wealth. I think more people value and understand the meaning of this statement each day. Unfortunately, as we age it becomes more “work” to keep up with the preventative health maintenance we need to do to keep our bodies strong. There are many types of treatments and tons of herbs, vitamins, supplements you can take to maintain and improve your health. How do we find out what is right for us as individuals?

I have been interested in health & wellness since I was a teenager. Like any other subject you are an expert or want to become proficient in; you read lots, ask questions, discuss and experiment as to what works for you. Of course, this is with caution, and if there is nothing seriously wrong with you.

I find the NewLife Expo an excellent place to concentrate on learning and improving your health and mind, body, spirit wellness. You can spend hours talking to professionals in the industry. People there will have one on one conversations with you or you can listen to lectures to hear various “experts in the their field” opinions, information and strategies which helps other people create a program for themselves. At the expo you can sample a lot of different products, get a massage, foot reflexology, infrared ray treatment, sweat in a sauna, get light treatment, have a reading by a psychic or tarot card reader, eat macrobiotic food, try herbs, juice and get an energy treatment. There are so many different kinds of people who stroll through all in venue. It is totally fun and cool to walk around and get energized!

This was the 4th time I had attended a NewLife Expo. The event is a great excuse to go to New York for the weekend. I enjoy myself each time I attend the expo. The expo is a high energy and interesting representations of the modern spiritual world we live in. Here you will find all walks of life who know something about alternative health and wellness. Most people who attend are open and easy to talk to and it is great to hear of their knowledge, attitude and approach they take to getting healthier, developing their spirituality and taking care of themselves.

So, I must be called a “NewLifer” by now. The next expo is in June, 6/11-6/13, which features yoga and raw food. Maybe you will check it out yourself.

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