Omega Institute’s Being Yoga Conference 2008 in New York City reviewed by Totally Zen


Do you ever wonder when you go to a show, maybe a concert how much work went into it (like a Madonna tour) or what had to happen to produce the event? I don’t know if I am strange; but I am sensitive to these factors all the time when I go to events. It’s probably part fascination to the creative world, part sensitivity to the physical world and other parts just plain mystified.

I bring this up because I was an exhibitor at a pretty big yoga conference for the first time. Now my experience of the “show” was from the back end and not the “glitzy” front end, which was a change from years past.

My experience began in Philadelphia. Trying to organize and then pack my small VW until you couldn’t get anything else into it ☺ Fully loaded, I drove to the Big Apple with excitement and wonder. Upon arriving, I found my way to the loading dock, a big truck with Omega Institute’s “stuff” and two sweaty guys trying to unload it greeted me.

Then, it was official; I was a vendor at The Being Yoga Conference. Now, it’s time to unpack the “stuff“. Finding your way up to the conference space from the loading dock took 2 elevator rides, a long walk down a hall and about 15 minutes each direction. Ahh, to have yoga in your life means to breathe, be calm and be happy. So, it wasn’t so bad, especially when I was finished. Setting up the booth I logged in more time to set up my virtual store,, in the physical world; this was a cool manifestation for me!

Beginning the conference: I was present, enthusiastic and ready to greet and help each person which was an act of endurance and perseverance. It was an honor to meet and talk to each and every one of you I had the opportunity to do so with at the show! I enjoyed explaining my philosophy and experience in reaching this part of my journey. The yoga path/spiritual path is a long one and I was so grateful it lead me to that place and I look forward to what the future unfolds for my journey!

                                                                                                         Unfortunately, when you are busy overseeing your space and “stuff” there is no time to duck out and take some classes. So, I missed practicing and learning yoga with some very “tuned in” masters. I heard a lot of very positive feedback about all the wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in these sessions.

It was during the down times while people take classes that I got to know some of the exhibitors. It was so rewarding to hear other people’s stories about where they came from and how their companies’ manifested in their lives. The best thing was that there was so much heart and soul in every person’s story or company. I got to appreciate what it took for each person to get to that point. I enjoyed talking and sharing with them very much!

Funny, just three days later we were repacking everything again. The “show” was over and it was time to move on to other shows or back to another part of their life.

Either way if you are behind the scenes or in front of the scenes your experience is ALWAYS what you make it and part of that is your attitude and effort that you apply to it. I know everyone behind the scenes put a lot of love into getting the Being Yoga Conference to be the best it could be. I am sure that those that were fortunate enough to experience the conference were able to feel all that positive energy.

Acting from love with love makes the world a brighter place.

Sorry, I didn’t get some more action shots from the conference; I must have been glued to my booth.



  1. tina

    i miss my guru. your booth looks beautiful.-tina

  2. King Richards

    There is really a lot more to say about this topic these days than ever before. I salute you for speaking out on it and making your site informative. Thanks

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    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my blog?
    Thank in advance.

    Sincerely, Timur.

  4. sal

    i happy to see you’re doing so well, i read alot of the articles and found them very informative. you’ve definitly followed through on your dreams and i wish you much success. i added my email address for your news letters and let me know how or what else i can do to support you.

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