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Pranayama in the Park

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Being Yoga 2007 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Day 1

Being a yoga teacher & a huge fan of yoga I decided to make my way down to Florida to check out some yoga & the sun at the Being Yoga Co

Austin City Limits Festival Rocks

On my way to Austin to experience the Zen sensation as I listen to the likes of Joss Stone; Lucinda Williams; Regina Spektor; Augustana; The Whi

Breathing Under Water

Breathing Under Water is a piece of music Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale. Also, playing the flute was Gaurav Raina of the MIDIval Punditz , who

What is Totally Zen?

It’s a funny¬† thing, the say when the student is ready the Master will appear. He did appear; his name is Chik Mason. He is a wonderful, d

The Beginning

Well, everything has a beginning ; but, not necessarily everything has an end. Check out a circle! This is my 1st blog entry which will kick off