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Pranayama in the Park

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The ZEN of Tasting WINE..

It occurred to me that a Zen experience can be created through appreciating and enjoying a nice bottle of wine. Designing all of the parts that

Dervish Yoga – The Sufi Secret of Eternal Youth

“Rumi fell into ecstasy and felt as his own soul began to whirl. He who had never danced before, who had never practiced the Sama, began w

Living a Mindful Life

In the right state of mind with the right light of day you can sense that you are at peace & harmony within and around you. Clarity and ease

Jack LaLanne, an Inspiration for Health & Fitness!

Jack LaLanne was born in September of 1914 only leaving his body earlier this week to, hopefully, rest in peace. What a tremendous inspiration t

Reflecting on Where You are in 2011, NOW

So it is 2011.. Another year, they seem to be flying by sooo fast! I am LIVING in the MOMENT. But, I am still not able to FULFILL ALL My Greates

You Have to be Quicker Than Your Own MIND, Practical Spirituality

YOU HAVE TO BE QUICKER THAN YOUR OWN MIND by  Selim Aissel When you see yourself analysing or negatively judging what you observe in yourself, w

Learn about Energy Consumption, 350* Philly

On 10/10/10 people all over the world in 188 countries at 7,347 events joined together to show how they respect the Earth, want to help heal, pr

Wellness Week, a Reminder Your Health Matters

Wellness week is a great opportunity for someone to take a tour through the opportunities that your local communities provide for you to take be